Nairobi County going cashless, Governor Mike Sonko announces

Governor Mike Sonko has announced plans to fully automate cash flow within all Nairobi County Systems. The plan according to the Governor is aimed at sealing all theft loopholes and also increase the County revenue from 15.5B annually to 30 Billion.

This move will see the cash office at City Hall abolished with all payments going completely cashless.

“Nobody will be allowed to pay cash to acquire any service. I also intend to increase annual revenue from 15.5B annually to 30 Billion. My Government will also ensure proper streamlined decentralization of services to ensure this is achieved,” said the Governor.

Mike Sonko noted that Nairobi loses millions of shillings every day, partly due to weak control systems and mainly due to a deeply entrenched corruption culture that has become a way of life for most of those working for the county.

In fact, last year, in what can be described as the biggest financial scandals in the counties, Nairobi County was unable to account for more than Ksh.20 billion, a clear indication of the chaotic running of the county, corruption, and misuse of taxpayers money. Last week, Mike Sonko also revealed how the county is losing Ksh.100 million every day. Out of the 136 revenue streams at City Hall, only are automated. The rest are manual making it easy for the county official to pocket huge chunks of county money without being noticed. reports that about Ksh.14 million is collected from the 14 revenue streams while revenue from the remaining 122 streams cannot be verified due to the manual system used to collect cash from Nairobians.

Automating cash flow in Nairobi County will not only make it easy for Nairobians to transact, but also bring about a lot more transparency in the county financial system which helps in curbing bribery, tax evasion, counterfeiting, corruption and even tax evasion.

“Once revenue collection is streamlined, staff salary delays will be a thing of the past. More revenue collection will lead to timely payment of staff salaries, clearance of suppliers payments and more importantly money to ensure capital projects are completed on time’’ The Governor added.

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