Cyber Security and The Impending Era of Connected Devices

By Jacob Haney

One of the major problems that we see with the sudden boom in connected devices is that information security systems are not able to keep pace with the ever-evolving cyber-threats. As companies continue to grow and bring more devices to your phone, they also become bigger targets. This is a threat that many IT professionals can’t seem to find an answer to.

According to a report issued by Pwnie Express called “The Internet of Evil Things,” 66% of individuals don’t know whether or not their colleagues are bringing connected devices into the workplace. Furthermore, only 22% of users check their devices for malware.


Both numbers are quite shocking. Most IT Security professional agree that connected devices will be a major security concern through the coming years. This will be especially true if individuals don’t start taking the threat seriously. The fact that only 22% of people check their devices is simply not going to cut it.

Let’s take a closer look at the impending era of connected devices.

Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

Everyone’s excited about what is praised as the Internet of Things continues to grow. Everyone seems excited – well everyone but security professionals! As this trend continues to grow, so does a number of cyber-attacks that must be contended with. Judging by the study mentioned above, most people are not even aware of the threat yet! That makes it even more dangerous. That means that it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. People will need motivation in order to invest in security. Until people start investing in it, resources for protection will be limited.

Stricter Legislation Will be Passed

The sheer lack of knowledge about the risks of connected devices will force governments to create legislation to protect critical data. One example would be with the way hospitals store healthcare data. Since they are at risk of being hacked, legislation will have to be made in order to limit that risk. I even expect the laws surrounding data to become stronger.

Big Data Security Companies Will Find Ways to Unshield Hackers

Hackers have only thrived so much because they are able to operate under a cloak of anonymity. That will change once security is seen as the serious threat is. Big data companies will be allowed to equip their systems with tracking and other weapons, using business research services that are not currently allowed. Data storage has practically become unlimited so systems can be developed which can trace hackers quickly and effectively. Once that happens, the number of hacker hobbyists will diminish. Again, it will get worse before it gets better. We are still a number of years away from these tracking systems being implemented.


Threats to Mobiles Will Get Nastier

Mobile platforms are already a high-risk target for hackers. We need to look no further than celebrities constantly having pictures and emails leaked online to see this happening. It’s only going to get worse as more systems are tied together. The problem is that device manufacturers continue to leave security up to others rather than securing their systems themselves. So this whole situation will only get worse. Sensitive information will start being put at risk.

DDoS Attacks Will Become Much More Common

Finally, these attacks are going to get worse before they get better. DDoS attacks are designed to make as many requests as possible in order to overload a system. As the number of connected devices increase, so will DDoS attacks.

The bottom line is that you should start preparing for these changes as soon as possible. Be at the head of the pack. Don’t ignore them like 78% of others do.

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