16 SEO FAQs We Still Struggle to Understand (Infographic)

SEO is an important factor that businesses need to consider to help them get more potential customers to visit their website over others. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and the better a company’s SEO, the higher up a search engine’s rankings they will appear. This is a vitally important factor because over 75% of the websites clicked on when using a search engine is the top 5 results. There are many different ways that a business can try to improve their SEO, some of which are free and some of which the business might have to invest a little money to do.

Some businesses, however, tend to use improper SEO techniques to get people to visit their websites, often referred to as Black Hat SEO. These include:

Paid Links-

Some businesses will pay people outright to include links on their website or blog to get more people to click the link and therefore visit their website. This method is deeply frowned upon in the SEO word as it is seen as a form of cheating, not to mention illegal, yet many people still believe that it is worth the risk.

Spam comments-

Everyone has been the victim of spam at some point in their life. The spam in the context of SEO usually comes in the form of containing one-liners or links posted in many different places around the web. The spam comments are usually posted by the website owner on other sites such as internet forums, social networking, other websites and blogs.

Article spinning-

Article spinning is almost as bad as simply duplicating content multiple times, as the content will contain the same information just written in a slightly different way to avoid plagiarism. This happens all the time, yet because it is slightly different from the original content, it is hard to find and stop.

Invisible text-

This is a sneaky form of SEO where the website builder essentially hides a lot of keywords on a web page by writing them in white ink so that they can’t be seen to the naked eye. Again this is seen as a form of cheating the system and gives the website using the invisible text an unfair advantage over other similar sites that are using SEO correctly.

Keyword Stuffing-

This is similar to invisible text, yet the website builder is not so subtle about their use of keywords. They will cram web pages with as many keywords as possible to get higher ranking in search engines.

Although all of these methods can seem like a good idea at the time, they can have some extremely negative effects for the site in the long run and can lead to the site being completely banned from the search engine as they violate the search engines terms of service. If a website does not show up on a search engine, then this will drastically decrease the number of people that can even find the site in the first place. Businesses should think responsibly about the way that they use SEO before making any decisions that they will regret.

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