How to Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone

Digital noise in your photos makes it look grainier and imperfect. The grains in your photos appears due to various reasons like low light condition, high ISO value, inappropriate long exposure, poor camera quality, over processing etc. To remove grains or noise from your photos you can place some manual efforts including keeping the right light on the subject to try noise reduction software for improved results. There are numerous ways available to fix grainy photos instantly. Let’s discuss some of these steps here.

Remove Grains from your photos

There are numerous solutions available to fix grainy photos and reduce noise in them. These solutions include basic steps like increasing light on the subject to using the best noise reduction software. Let’s discuss some of these steps here to make your pictures noise free.

Increase light on the subject: This is the basic and most simple step to avoid grains in your photos. When you take pictures with proper light conditions and light focusing the subject you can expect better results. Try to click pictures in natural light when you are taking shots in the daylight. When you are shooting in the night, try to arrange some artificial light, off-camera flash, strobe light etc. to get proper light focus on the subject. Using this simple trick, you allow your camera sensors to grab more light for grain free pictures.

Include accessories: You can’t do much with the built-in camera in your device hence you can use some accessories to improve light conditions and with better lenses, you can get better exposure for your pictures. It will help you reduce noise to a considerable level. You can find many other useful accessories to support your smartphone camera for better pictures. A better lens with large aperture and smaller f-tops can help you get some amazing pictures.

Do Post Processing right: One major reason behind grainy photos is over processing the photos post production. When you increase the sharpness of the photo doing post processing the grains or pixels in the photo become more prominent. If this adjustment is overdone in your photos than the photos will become noisier in no time. To avoid this situation, try processing pictures in a professional manner to retain its natural look. Overdoing post processing can seriously harm the look of the picture and can make it look grainier.

Set ISO settings right: ISO value is usually defined as the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. Lower ISO value translates as lower sensitivity to available light and higher ISO value means higher sensitivity. It is considered for a long time that higher ISO value affects the quality of the photo. Higher the ISO value, higher the noise in the pictures and vice versa. Thus, keeping ISO value right as per photography conditions become important to avoid noise in the photo. Different smartphone cameras react differently to different ISO values, still keeping ISO value low is advisable. When you capture pictures at high ISO value it creates a group of pixels together to capture more light on the subject and that makes pictures look grainier. When you are shooting pictures in low light conditions it is advised to use a tripod or a flash. Using “Auto ISO” feature on your device is a useful setting to take noise free pictures. It will set the ISO value as per light conditions, shutter speed etc.

Try technology: Try this prominent step to avoid all noise related issues instantly. You can find best Photo noise reduction software tools which help you reduce noise in your photos automatically. These tools use advanced algorithms to set light areas right in the photograph and make all necessary changes to make your picture look better. These tools are designed to fix many noise related issues in pictures like high ISO settings, low light conditions, overexposure, wrong colors in photos etc. Most noise reduction software tools offer all advanced features to provide a hassle-free experience. These tools are available for all different platforms like iPhone, Mac, Windows and Android.

You can try these simple yet powerful steps to deal with noise issues on your photograph. Following these steps, you make your grainier picture look beautiful instantly. Using noise reduction tools can provide you instant results automatically to save your time and reduce manual efforts.

Summary: There are numerous reasons which make your pictures look grainier. These reasons cause serious damage to your image quality. Let’s discuss ways to fix grainy photos on your iPhone device.

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