Battle For Superiority: TECNO Camon CX vs The Oppo F3

The TECNO Camon CX and the Oppo F3 are probably the hottest camera smartphones in the market right now. The Camon CX was launched in March this year, and TECNO described it as its best ever selfie Camera Smartphone. The Oppo F3, on the other hand, was launched last month and the only selfie-focused smartphone with dual selfie cameras in the country right now.

So how do you compare the two camera phones? Which one would you prefer over the other? Let’s look at some of the key features. Its TECNO Camon CX vs The Oppo F3. Let’s do a comparison. 


Both the Oppo F3 and the Camon CX have identical screen sizes, resolution. They are both 5.5 inches with 1080 x 1920 px resolution. I won’t go much into this but overall this display size works really good for both the two devices.

The camera

This is the main selling point for the Oppo F3 and the TECNO Camon CX. While the Camon CX offers a 16MP main camera, the Oppo F3 offers a 13 MP main camera. The Camon CX also offers the same 16MP for selfies while the Oppo F3 gives you a 16MP selfie camera for wide-angle selfies and an 8MP for normal selfies.

Let’s forget the dual selfie camera for now. So you get a 16MP and 16MP on the Camon CX and 16 and 13 on the Oppo F3. Both the Camon CX cameras come with Sony IMX-298 camera sensors which also come with Phase Detection AutoFocus (PDAF).

The 16MP on the Oppo F3 has a 1/3-inch sensor and a large f/2.0 aperture and the results are pleasing as the camera captures good detailing. But again, whereas the offers an amazing selfie experience, the TECNO Camon CX still stands out, offering you a more comprehensive camera experience and works really well in low-light. You know how unattractive and boring selfies looked before now, but the Camon CX solves this.  You are still able to capture brighter and stunning looking selfies in the dark. The front camera’s innovative Dual LED flash also brightens up your selfies up to 40% compared to the normal from LED flash. 


Tecno Mobile says its Camon CX has specifically been made for Africa, so Africans can capture all the amazing moments from across the continent.

Operating System

The TECNO Camon CX runs on Android Android v7.0 (Nougat) out of the box while the Oppo F3 runs on Android OS v6.0 (Marshmallow). To be honest, I expected Oppo F3 to run on the latest Android version, so that’s quite disappointing. Oppo should have done better.




In terms of chipset, both devices are powered by a 1.5GHz Octa-Core. 

The Camon CX, therefore, wins on this one. Any smartphone launching in the market should consider running on the latest version of Android.  Consumers want to test something new and that’s exactly what the Camon CX delivers.

RAM and Memory

TECNO should have done better with the Camon CX RAM.  While the Oppo F3 comes with a 4GB of RAM, the Camon CX comes with a 2GB RAM, that’s a huge difference and disappointing from TECNO.

camon cx oppo


The Oppo F3 wins when it comes to internal storage. 64GB for Oppo F3 16GB for the TECNO Camon CX. I am not going to add anything to that but maybe TECNO should have considered adding some extra 16GB to the Camon CX, I mean 32 GB internal storage is not that bad on a phone. 


Both the Oppo F3 and the Camon CX are powered by a 3200 mAh battery capacity.  The Oppo F3 does not, however, stand out as a smartphone that lasts very long on a single charge. The  3200 mAh battery can only last you for a day if you are not a single user. The Camon CX, on the other hand, can last you up to two days. 


The TECNO Camon CX is available for Kshs.19,999 while the Oppo F3 has a retail price of Kshs,32,990. So the Camon CX takes this one considering the difference in price. The Camon CX appeals more to low budget users while the Oppo F3 appeals to users who will not mind digging deeper into their pockets.

Overall, as much as the two devices really deliver in terms of performance the Camon CX carries the day.

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  1. If I buy Oppo, is there a Care centre like Tecno’s Calcare where I can take my phone to should it develop any wahala? If not, I’ll rather give my money to Tecno.

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