Why Electronic Dealers Need The Online Marketplace

With Kenyans becoming more and more tech-savvy, the demand for certain electronic goods in the country has grown rapidly with a specific emphasis on laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. As a result, a huge business opportunity has sprung up for Kenyans who offer such products. Walking along certain streets like Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya, the evidence is visible with a huge number of stalls selling various consumer electronic goods.

But, with the market being so competitive, how can you as a business person, reach more customers and increase your sales?

As an electronics dealer, you probably have a main stall along Tom Mboya street or Luthuli Avenue. Due to a rapid increase in demand of your products, you have been able to open up two more stalls in another part of town, and your average weekly sales of mobile phones are between 5 and 10 pieces. However, you are not the only dealer that has expanded and competition has become stiff. With more stalls around you selling the same products at the similar prices, reaching customers has become more difficult and business is not looking up. At this point, you debate whether or not you should open up a stall in Westlands or in a major shopping mall. You would definitely do well with more sales and a constant stream of customers. Opening up a new store would, however, mean having to increase your monthly expenditure on items such as rent, basic utilities like lighting, advertising, security etc. Instead of incurring these costs, there is a cheaper and more effective way to get more customers to buy your products; the online marketplace such as PigiaMe.

The benefits of joining online marketplaces are numerous. First, they connect you to a huge number of customers who are looking to buy your products. But with online marketplaces, there is no rent, advertising or utility costs that come with placing your products in the market. If you would like to grow your small electronics business from one or two stalls with few customers, to a virtual store with dozens of customers, then you should consider opening an account with an online marketplace and watch your customer base grow without increasing your operating costs.

Secondly, some online marketplaces like PigiaMe have partnered with data mining and analysis companies such as Data Fintech to help you understand the online marketplace. Together, they take you through simple training sessions that guide you on how to position your products online in order attract many customers and increase your sales. With this information you are better equipped on tactics you can use to reach your customers and the best products and brands to sell, which will guarantee sales.

Finally, some online marketplaces such have partnered with financial institutions to provide sellers with information and an easy access to credit facilities. Such programs seek to help electronics dealers grow their businesses by using data and having access to funds in order to finance their operations. For example, Data Fintech will track the activities and sales of your business online and in conjunction with Bank of Africa, advance affordable loans to sellers on PigiaMe. With financing, data and the right marketplace platform, your business is bound to grow exponentially.

The electronics market has become very competitive in recent years. Many more people have been able to open up stalls in prime locations in a bid to reach as many customers as possible. But with so many options available, standing out of the crowd is the best way to reach many customers and increase your sales. Online marketplaces have fewer operating costs, reach more customers and a potential to help your business grow rapidly due to increased sales. Sign up today!

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