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HTC and Huawei mobile devices account for 24.9% of the mobile phones by stock value on the Kenyan online marketplace, PigiaMe.  According to data insights from Data Fintech, the popularity of the two brands is also increasing in the Kenyan market.

The data shows that the supply of HTC increased by 60% while Huawei recorded a 94.4% gain between February 2016 and December 2016.

A photo of the HTC One M9
A photo of the HTC One M9

In the 20-40k price segment, the two brands expand their share of the market to 38.2% against 24.9% for the overall mobile phone supply. This segment, according to Data Fintech is seen to be the stronghold of the two brands.

The Huawei P9

In Q4-2016, the supply of Huawei phones surges to surpass HTC after the launch of the new Huawei series, Huawei Nova, and a new range of Huawei P9 in September 2016 which we told you about.

In terms of brand popularity, HTC phones were found to be more popular than Huawei Phones in the Kenyan market. HTC took the lead on Huawei 75% of the months in 2016. However, Huawei maintains the pressure during the whole year 2016 with a thin spread.

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In merchant supply, both the two devices were found to have the trust of electronic dealers.  The data insights also show that between February and December 2016, electronic dealers also increased the stock of HTC and Huawei by 60% and  94.44% respectively. The total market value of HTC phones listed on PigiaMe also recorded a Khs.47.7m at 14.12% of the total listings against 11.2% for Huawei.

With the uptake of mobile services by Kenyans continued to grow it will be interesting to see how these two brands will battle out this year.

These market insights were provided by Data Fintech, based on data collected from the online marketplace, over a period of 13 months (January 2016 to January 2017.)

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