Here is what you need to know about the Safaricom FLEX Bundle

Safaricom has announced a new product targeting users across its wide range of services. Known as FLEX Bundle, the product will allow users to browse, call and SMS easily and conveniently only 1 bundle.

So how does it work? FLEX bundle, according to Safaricom will allow customers to use their airtime to buy what the company is calling ‘’FLEX UNITS’’. These units can then be used for data, voice, and SMS. For every chargeable M-PESA ’send money’ transaction above Kshs.100, you will also get 3 FLEX Units.

There are three types of FLEX Bundle Plans you can choose from. 115 FLEX units for Kshs. 99 and valid for 24 hours,  700 FLEX units for Ksh. 599 valid for 7 days and 3,100 FLEX units for Ksh. 2,499 which are valid for 30 days.

Here is how the consumption works. 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3MBs when browsing the internet, 3 FLEX Units are equivalent to a minute or 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 20 Sec talk time when calling and 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3 SMS’s when texting.

The bundles are available to all customers Safaricom PrePay and PostPay customers. To subscribe, use your airtime to purchase FLEX Bundles by dialing *100# or *200#.  The FLEX Units can be used for both local on Net and off Net Calls and SMS. 

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