How to choose the best Fleet Management System that suits your needs

If you are a fleet manager looking for ways to maximize fleet efficiency, choosing a fleet management system to manage your vehicles is always a difficult decision. Not only is there an abundance of suppliers, you also have to wade through a lot of different technology options too.

You may have hundreds of questions buzzing through your head on how fleet management systems can benefit your business. You may also ask yourself questions on the differences between the current systems in the market and which one most appropriately suits your needs.

During your research, you might have come across different vehicle tracking and fleet management systems. Exploring all the possibilities and examining the different available options, you might conclude that the products you are looking into or investigating are pretty much the same. In the end, you might end up choosing a system that will disappoint you in future.

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So how do you actually choose the best fleet management system to suit the needs of your company or business? Here are some key points to note.

Be clear about your business requirements and budget

Before you start researching for a fleet management system you first need to be clear about the objectives of your business. Does your business require an easier way to manage your fleet or do you require more advanced fleet management features? Make a list of all your requirements. Safetrac Limited offers a number of these solutions which you could check out. These solutions range from vehicle tracking and information systems, for tracking and real-time management of vehicle movement, fleet management systems for administrative management of fleets like insurance, policy renewals, and maintenance, personal tracker systems which can be used in the management of single parcel, individual tracking among others. 

As you list down your requirements, it is also important to include your budget limitations as well. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help you prioritize the most needed features for your business.  

Prioritize the fleet management features you need

As mentioned earlier, including your budget limitations helps you prioritize the fleet management features you need. Once you have a list of the top features, you can now think of prioritizing these requirements. Identify the top 3 to 5 features that your business needs to invest in. Again, when identifying the top features, don’t overlook basic but important operational requirements which might include: Remote vehicle diagnostics (OBD), driver behavior and monitoring, fuel management, vehicle maintenance scheduling among others.

Review of your fleet maintenance system hardware technology options.

Now that you have all your requirements, you can start a review of your fleet maintenance system hardware technology options. As you do the review and evaluation of the available technology options, think creatively how they will solve your particular problem. Sorting through your choice will be much easier if you have made a list of your requirements or top features.

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Visit and talk to fleet management suppliers

There is a lot you can learn by just talking to prospective fleet management system suppliers. While you do this, you can also ask for demos of their systems. Safetrac Limited offers test runs/demos of our products and services for your vehicles for a limited period of time. These demos help you understand how these systems work. With a 24 hour, manned contact center any questions relating to Safetrac’s products will always be answered.

Talking to these suppliers also helps you understand what value you will get for your business if you choose to use a particular system and also how the systems are going to meet your needs.

Identify all the hidden costs for the system

After you’ve narrowed down your search you can then identify all the costs for the systems.  For example, how much of your monthly fees are hidden hardware costs? How high are cellular fees? How about installation and support, is the technical team always available to answer any queries regarding the systems? Even if the fleet management system is simple, you need support. Choose a support backed by a strong technical and customer support, which include options for installation and integration.

Keeping all these key points in mind help your business or organization stay in front of the competition. They will also help you identify a fleet management system that is ideal for your company’s need backed with a strong customer and technical support.

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