Why reporting and analysis is an important part of fleet management business.

In today’s society, technology has been changing at an unprecedented pace. When you consider that tablets sales are now about to overtake the combined sales of desktops and laptops, it becomes apparent. The logistics and retail industry, which includes fleet management, vehicle and asset tracking and much more has not been left out either in the move towards a more technological future.

More and more businesses are now investing in these tracking technologies to save on business costs.

Fleet management, for example, includes functions like vehicle telematics, vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management, safety management and vehicle tracking. With these functions, fleet management is considered one of the most important functions in any business or organization.

Incorporating these technologies can provide massive benefits to your business. From saving money on fuel, optimizing productivity through efficient time management software, improved customer service quality and increased employee satisfaction. One other benefit is frequent reports which can help you make better decisions for your business.


Reports and analysis is an important part of fleet management business and one that owners and key stakeholders often struggle with. Most of the time, data is either nonexistent or all over the place and you spent so much time collecting it. Once you manage to collect this data, you enter it all in by hand and try to make the right graphs or figure out how to analyze it. This makes it so hard to determine what data to look at and the story it tells.

What most fleet managers or vehicle owners fail to understand is that insightful reporting with effective analysis can make a real impact on your ROI. The greatest opportunity to increase revenues comes from being able to focus on what your drivers are doing no matter which vehicle they use on a given day by utilizing an advanced fleet management of vehicle tracking System or software.

To get this type of insight you will need data and reports which serve as tools to accurately measure your fleet’s performance, thereby giving you a competitive edge.

‘’Fleet management softwares capture data related to how your vehicles are operating and then quickly reports on it, helping you manage your fleet and, potentially, your bottom line.’’ Peter Echessah, CEO, Safetrac Limited, a leading fleet management and vehicle tracking company in the country says.

Echessah says these tracking softwares offer analysis on both the operational and business levels of your fleet operations, allowing better insights into how your business runs.

‘’Through monitoring driver behaviour, mileage, fuel usage, diagnostic, and other vehicle data, tracking systems assist in creating a fleet that is can be optimized at all times,’’ he adds.

The tracking softwares give you 24.7 access to fleet information making it easy for you to track both fixed and movable assets from anywhere.  These reports can be received and viewed through an online dashboard on your laptop or even smartphone or tablet, this means your fleet data comes straight to you. Once this information is received, fleet managers are able to easily generate comprehensive diagnostic reports, making it possible for them to make informed decisions for their businesses.

‘’At Safetrac Limited, for example, our tracking systems provides reports on alerts, vehicle speed, geographical area, driver identification, eco/safe driving, fuel and much more. These reports allow for full visibility into your vehicles, drivers and jobs. ‘’ Echessah says.

Reports empower fleet managers or vehicle owners to be able to measure metrics within their operations, ultimately providing the tools for maximum efficiency.

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