Ex-Manchester City Star Samir Nasri’s Twitter account hacked


It’s not the first time we have told you about Twitter accounts of celebrities being hacked. Earlier in May, one of the most followed accounts on Twitter Katy Perry with more 94 million followers became a victim.

The account posted some few vulgar and racist tweets something that might have intrigued most of her followers. The tweets were being posted by what seemed to be a very active account Romanian based account (@sw4ylol) that also posted some few email screenshots. 

In July, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was also hit by hackers. The Twitter boss account was by a group going by the name of ‘’Our Mine’’. The group posted a tweet that they were ‘’testing your security,’’ and what followed next was a vine video clip which has since been deleted.

Well, Footballer Samir Nasri became the latest victim on Tuesday night. The Ex-Manchester City star claims his Twitter account was hacked after it posted a string of strange messages claiming he had received a lot more than just medical treatment from a supposed medical service.

So where did all this start? First, it was this tweet with a picture of Nasri standing beside an unnamed woman. The tweet was shared from a Twitter account with the handle @DripDoctors.


Soon after, the tweet was quoted in a tweet sent from Nasri’s account (presumably definitely not from Nasri himself).


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What followed was a string of other tweets claiming how Nasri had received “full sexual service” from the doctor.  The tweets even went further to explain how the lady who performed the treatment went on to a club with the playmaker and back to his hotel room at 3am.


The French international soon tweeted claiming his Twitter account had been hacked “Someone hacked my account and tried to spread rumors which is fake i am sorty for all the ppl involved in that i apologies.” the tweet said.

All the tweets including the apology were however deleted from Nasri’s account, and @DripDoctors, the medical facility where Nasri is said to have received the ‘’Extra’’ services sent out a tweet confirming that that Samir Nasri’s account had been hacked.

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