Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S8, but will it really kill the Note series?

We all remember what befell Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7 devices. What most of us were waiting for is Samsung’s next move for its Galaxy Note lines. How was the company going to recover from what was probably the most disastrous smartphone in the entire history of mobile devices?

The next Galaxy from Samsung was definitely going to be the Galaxy Note 8.  Some reports suggested that Samsung was not going to release the device after all while some reports also indicate that Samsung will indeed preserve the Galaxy Note range by releasing a Galaxy Note 8 device in 2017. Some would argue that the best response Samsung should give after the Note 7 tragedy is by completely scrapping the Galaxy Note series. Can Samsung really do that? Well, that’s what we are all waiting to see. But again to attract consumers into the Note series, Samsung will really need to up their game, especially in terms of specs and other key features.

That said, expect the new Samsung Galaxy S8 to be the company’s comeback to the market. According to a leak from South Korean site Naver, Samsung is doing its best to make the Galaxy S8 a better device. Of course, the company wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with the Galaxy S8. The lessons learned from the Galaxy Note 7 should be enough for Samsung to ensure they offer nothing but the best to consumers.

What we know about the Galaxy S8

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The report by Naver suggests that the standard Galaxy S8 will come with a 5-inch display package while the S8 will rock a 6-inch display. This display on the S8 plus is larger that the Note 7’S 5.7-inch. The report, citing a source within Samsung also says both the two S8 models will have a curved screen. Remember there have been so many rumors that Samsung wants to completely scrap the flat model.

While many smartphone companies are locked in a 5-inch frame, the report says Samsung has taken advantage of the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display to enhance screen quality and maintain smartphone size on the Galaxy S8.  Samsung Electronics has also decided to put the stylus pen on the Galaxy S8 Plus for a while but decided not to mount it. As a result, the Galaxy Note series is likely to be resurrected next fall. This will be an option to maintain the existing strategy of releasing the Galaxy S series in the first half and the Galaxy Note series in the second half.

To make sure the S8 is at the top of its game for longer, new information reports also suggests that the S8’s internal RAM will be pushed up to 6GB, and the internal storage will be at 256GB. If these reports are true, then it will be a departure from the strategy that Samsung used with the Galaxy S7 which features just 32GB of internal storage

Samsung Electronics is pursuing innovation not only in hardware but also in software through the AI platform on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Currently, a third-party application (app) is required to order pizza or coffee on a smartphone, but the new AI system, which will be housed on the Galaxy S8, the report says will allow users to place voice commands on their smartphones without having to install the app separately. Samsung Electronics plans to lead the AI era with the AI open platform.

Both S8 models are expected to be launched at Mobile World Congress February 2017. We hope Samsung has figured out the Note 7 battery problems before finally deciding to release the S8 and S8 plus.

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