AFROPX is launching an online platform focused on African images

AFROPX, a startup that wants to transform access to African photos has announced plans to launch an online marketplace focused on African images. The platform will be consisting of commercial, news, and artistic photos, as well as videos and illustrations produced by African talents.

According to the founders,AFROPX goes to market looking at high potentials, as African countries are accelerating their digital transformation and both local and international brands need more and more African contents. AFROPX primary targets are communication and information specialists, as well as companies and individuals in Africa and abroad.

“Our ambition is to transform access to African visual content. At the origin of AFROPX, there is a very simple idea: to meet the increasing demand for brands and media to easily and quickly access quality images on our continent. AFROPX is also a showcase for the incredible richness of African visual content”, said Arsène Goma-Kick, co-founder of AFROPX.

“Companies, mainly African, need much easier access to quality images, which are truly representative of our African societies and economies. Brands also consume more visual content, especially on digital, to better address their audiences and create more engagement” Adding that the African creative scene is particularly vibrant.  African talents, whether photographers, video makers or designers, are increasingly looking for platforms like AFROPX capable of increasing their visibility internationally and facilitating their access to new markets”, said Arsène Goma-Kick.

AFROPX has set up a unique network of photographers, videographers and professional graphic artists present in more than 20 Africain countries.

The startup was founded in November 2016 by four African contents and e-commerce experts: Jean Dabany (Gabon), Arsène Goma-Kick (Congo-Brazzaville), Mouhamadou Diallo (Senegal), Célia Grémy (France).

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