Safetrac Limited to launch in Kenya, brings latest technologies in vehicle tracking and fleet Management.

The ability to manage a fleet with vehicle tracking systems is increasingly being utilized in businesses today in Kenya. Technology has proven to be a great advantage to many of these businesses and is helping them improve fleet productivity.

Managing a fleet is a challenge, to say the least, but the incorporation of the latest technology can make the entire process simple and very efficient. The tracking combines the use of automatic vehicle location in vehicles with a software that collects these fleets data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

In Kenya, there are so many companies offering these services to vehicle owners and most owners rely on them for the vehicle safety. A new tracking company entering the Kenyan market, however, wants to revolutionize this. Known as Safetrac Limited, the company specializes in vehicle tracking, fleet management, and personal tracking and promises to offer critical solutions that aid individuals and organizations to make informed operational and financial decisions.

Safetrac Limited has partnered with Arvento, one of the world’s largest vehicle tracking and fleet management companies and uses world class technology in the tracking space. Arvento boasts a 40.000 client portfolio with technology utilized in more than 650,000 vehicles across three continents. The company has received recognition from different national and international organizations since its establishment and has presence in over 30 countries worldwide; 13 in Africa (Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda).

According to Ruth Kang’ong’oi, General Manager, Safetrac Limited there is a need for fleet management solutions in the transport Industry in the country. She says most if not all companies claiming to offer this only deal with tracking.

‘’Safetrac is changing this by doing more than just tracking. We are granting advanced, timely reports and real-time notifications hence providing companies to not only optimize their fleet/vehicle performance but also minimize the phone call traffic with the drivers on the field resulting in time and labour savings,”

She further added that ” Safetrac will be offering solutions that relay reports such as  fuel usage, temperature control and monitoring systems, tipper and bucket lift control system, transportation, school tracking and management system plus so much more.”

The benefits of utilizing the latest technologies and software in business are extensive. Real-time vehicle tracking, for example, enables companies to save dramatically on things like fuel and insurance costs. This helps you increase productivity and efficiency at the same time. It also enables companies and individuals to save drastically on fuel and insurance costs. You can increase efficiency and productivity at the same time.

Safetrac’s entry into the market marks a very big step in the vehicle tracking market in Kenya considering the new technologies the company will be using. The company is set to be officially launched on 8th November. 

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