User review: Huawei P9 – Even the little things work

The P9, Huawei’s flagship phone, was launched in Kenya ‘sometime’ in June this year to replace the P8, its predecessor.

Like all flagships, it was designed to look good. From first glance, Its metallic frame draws green eyes from all corners, it’s slim size, curved edges and twin camera guarantee a second look. On functionalities, we were impressed with its hardware, which promises more performance than its peers. It is just as well that the P9 has retained that ‘sweet’ price tag bracket, which the P8 was famed for.’

With all phones, however, consumers just need it to work. They need it to have network whenever they pick it up, a good camera to immortalise those memorable occasions and (all manufacturers out there, you better believe this) to be ON when we are on the move.

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#1 Picking calls. A New Experience?

Huawei has made picking calls feel like a new experience. Instead of having two or three steps to answer a call, simply placing the phone to your ear automatically answers it. No need to swipe or touch the screen to answer. Also, Huawei has introduced a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, which can similarly perform the same task. The positioning of this sensor, at the back, mimicks normal hand movement when we place phones close to our ears, and this feels like a natural action.

If you place the phone flat on a surface while on a call, the loudspeaker automatically comes on. By the way, the act of simply lifting the phone reduces the volume of the ringtone or alarm and like most androids now, turning it upside down silences the phone. The basics in single moves. If your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device and a call comes through, lifting the phone to your ear automatically switches from your Bluetooth device to the handset, allowing you to have private conversations without the need to disconnect or touch anything.

#2 Fingerprint sensor

The p9 has an ultra fast fingerprint sensor conveniently located at the back. As a registered device user, when you touch the sensor, even before you can blink, the phone is unlocked. This works even if the screen is off. Again, another two to three step process, characteristic of most phones, has been reduced to an action. This works even more amazingly if someone is using your phone and the screen locks while they have it. One simply needs to touch the sensor and its up and running again. No need to take back the phone, press a button, enter pin or swipe or locate the fingerprint sensor at the front to unlock. This sensor is by far and away one of the fastest in the market.

You can also use the sensor to take photos. This is perfect for selfies. The sensor overcomes the need to unnaturally twist your fingers to reach the shutter icon at the front as is the case with most front-facing cameras. This leaves the screen area clear.

As an additional security feature, the sensor allows you to lock selected applications including the gallery. To run or access them, one’s fingerprint or PIN is required. In other Huawei models like the P8 and the able GR5, you can hide folders , applications, messages and select contacts from appearing by using an alternate PIN!!

#3 Customer Care

Getting assistance has never been this easy. Huawei have an app called HiCare. It seems Huawei have invested in making this product worth its salt. This app provides one with access to user Manuals (that we never read), service contacts and warranty information on all Huawei products. One can check warranty status as well as submit an issue via email. The good thing about this is that IT WORKS! Within 24 hours of trying it, they had responded and were keen to help resolve the issue. We had none at the time, though, so we left it at ‘good to meet you’.

Our verdict, the rest works too


The P9 is indeed a formidable flagship phone. The battery will last well through the day while on 4G, allowing you to go through life without having to think about managing one more appliance. The charger is pretty fast as well, however, you will not be sharing it with everyone just yet as it is the newer style USB type-C. Other accessories such as earphones are of high quality as well. No need to get extra earphones with this purchase. They are sturdy and deliver a well-balanced sound. Its processor had been touted as one of the fastest in the market and that too did not disappoint. At its price point and for the simple and super features it does so well, I ‘d recommend it to both basic users and the power user

We’ve enjoyed our time with the phone so far. We will not mention the crown jewel of the P9, Huawei’s dual camera because a wise alien once said, seeing is believing. If you are on Instagram or Facebook , search for these hashtags and see what the dual p9 camera is capable of. #p9 , #OOp9KE , #HuaweiP9KE.

This user review was submitted by Tim Muinga. Tim is tech enthusiast, PC Builder, and Gamer. Follow him on Twitter @tmutta  Have anything you would love to share with us, send it to and we will have it published. 

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