NetGuardians Africa nominated for the 2016 African FinTech Awards.

NetGuardians has been nominated for the 2016 Africa FinTech Awards. The innovative Swiss Fintech company which was  inaugurated in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016 to curb fraud and cybercrime in Africa will compete with other 100 top African FinTech companies including Safaricom’s M-Pesa to win the award.

The company’s solutions are designed on the recognition that human behavior is behind fraudulent transactions, and it uses smart behavior analytics based on policy rules and predictive analytics. With Big Data to correlate actions from across the different bank systems, it can identify potential fraud before it happens. It tracks and audits all activities continuously, in real time, and instantly alerts risk managers to any deviations.

NetGuardians has so far helped numerous financial institutions in Africa to enhance their capacity to protect customers’ data and militate against risks. These include Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Commercial Bank of Africa, HFC Bank Ghana, Kenya Women Finance Trust, SwaziBank, NIC Bank, among others.

African FinTech Awards is organized by FinTech Africa, a sister organization of CFO South Africa. FinTech Africa encourages innovation in financial services to enhance financial inclusion and to let Africa prosper mainly through events. Besides FinTech Africa, the organization is also behind the European FinTech community with the European FinTech Awards & Conference, also where NetGuardians was nominated and selected to be among the European FinTech TOP 3 in April 2016.

Voting closes on 20th of September 2016. The African FinTech Awards and Conference will take place on the 13th of October 2016 in Sandton Convention Center Johannesburg.


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