Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hit by hackers

No one is immune to to getting their social media accounts hacked. Last month we told how the most followed account on Twitter Katy Perry  with 89 million followers was hacked.  The account posted some few vulgar and racist tweets something that might have intrigues most of her followers. The tweets were being posted by what seemed to be a very active account Romanian based account (@sw4ylol) that also posted some few email screenshots.

It now looks like we might be reading more of such news where celebrities and other influential people get hacked in the coming days. In a span of just over a month, we have seen some of the most renowned tech CEOs in the world social media accounts being hacked. First came Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerber, whose Twitter account was compromised. Then came Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe where hackers used his Twitter account to send messages to his followers. The latest addition to this list is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey whose Twitter account was also compromised by hackers yesterday.

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According to Engadget, the Twitter boss account was hacked yesterday morning by a group going by the name of ‘’Our Mine’’. The group posted a tweet that they were ‘’testing your security,’’ and what followed next was a vine video clip which has since been deleted.

‘’Our Mine’’ is the same group that has been linked to to the hacking of Mark Zuckerberg’s and Pichai’s Twitter accounts.  When Mark’s account was hacked, the group said they were able to do this following a massive LinkedIn password hack back in May. This could mean the Facebook CEO was probably sharing the same password with his LinkedIn account. The hackers said they had also managed to access Pichai’s account using an old Quora account linked to it.

Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked and the hackers posted a vine video. What this means is that the Twitter CEO’s Vine account was probably linked to his Twitter account.  We are not sure about that but again if he a top CEO like him can be hacked then anyone can.

The question is, how careful are you with your passwords?

Security experts have always suggested ways to protect your passwords: Changing them frequently, using normal and special characters all together and using different passwords for multiple social media accounts.

I will get a cyber security expert to talk about all this here. In the meantime, just be careful with your passwords.

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