Sneak preview: What you need to know about Tecno Camon C9 innovative dual camera

Most Kenyans nowadays take photos at almost any confluence around them, thanks to the trend in smartphone photography.

Despite the popularity of mobile photography, very few devices can give the desired quality of images. Tecno Mobile has now promised to launch what is perceived as the best camera phone which will be latest version of the Camon series,

Let us take a look at the yet-to-be launched Tecno Camon C9 and how it promises to help solve some of the common problems that selfie lovers and smartphone photography enthusiasts encounter on a daily basis. Well, with Tecno smartphone Camon C9’s beautification and real-time makeup effect, the problem is solved; just like that. The phone has eight natural makeup styles.

Another big problem for selfie lovers is taking photos of themselves and friends in poorly lit areas.Some people try to solve this by either using another phone’s flash light while others use the rear phone camera for selfies; both options result in not so good selfies

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How about solving this with a front camera flash with 15 lux, soft and natural light well hidden in an invisible design?

To many people, taking a good selfie at night where there is no light is just impossible. In fact, simply having a source of light at night will not guarantee you a great photo.

In addition to the unique front flash, TecnoCamon C9 has Visidon Algorithm Brightness that produces 50% brighter images than average. Its Visidon Algorithm Noise Deduction clears up to 75% of the ‘noise’ in the dark leaving you with a very clear photo.

Have you ever taken a group selfie then posted it on your social media account only to be asked by your friends why they are not in the picture? They were there with you but you can’t just explain to them that it is your phone’s front camera’s angle was not wide enough to capture them.


TecnoCamon C9 has two ways of going about this problem. The first one is the 83° wide angle front camera lens that will enable users take wider selfies; it is said to beat Samsung S6 Edge.

You can as well switch to the 120° Panorama Selfie mode to enhance the angle even wider.

With the front camera located on the right or left of the screen, it is usually next to impossible to take a selfie looking straight. The subjects always appear as if they are looking away.

The TecnoCamon C9’s front camera is uniquely placed at the center of the screen. This makes it exceptional for selfie lovers as they can easily direct their eyes to look right in the selfie.

Taking clear photos of someone dancing, running or any action with lots of movements can be very difficult without a great camera designed with this in mind.  The photos, no matter how many they are, usually end up out of focus. TecnoCamon C9 will have the solution for this as well. With the 0.1-second high speed focus camera armed with an Integrated Flash Focus Solution, not even a Safari Rally car can beat you.

Some phones have too much icons on the screen that you cannot even see the objects you want to capture. With Tecno C9, you can move all the traditional camera features into settings to enjoy a full screen picture. You can further simplify the shooting interface by having only three capture features.

Quality is everything, even when it comes to smartphone photography. You want images that you can print and put in an album or frame, right?

Both the Tecno Camon C9’s front and rear cameras have 13 megapixels. That, together with other camera features, guarantees you large photos that can appear clear even when printed on large papers.

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