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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Windows 10 Apps are Here at Last

Facebook has some good news for people using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram on Windows. The company is officially rolling out Windows 10 Apps for Facebook and Messenger on desktop.

If you were a desktop user using Windows 8 you might have come across a Facebook App on the Windows store but it was not that appealing to use. One was much better off just opening it up in a browser. And it looks like Facebook wants to change this for Windows 10 desktop users.

What this means is that desktop users can now access the full set of reactions, add stickers to comments, view trending topics and do all the things you would expect from an up-to-date Facebook app.

‘’We included the latest Facebook features in the new app, including Reactions, stickers in comments, and a right-hand column that shows birthday & event reminders, trending topics and more.’’ Davis Fields, Product Manager, Facebook posted in a blog post. He added that it has built an in-app browser to make it easier for people to read and share multiple articles from their News Feed.

With this update, Facebook is one click away from the Start Menu, and the app starts and loads your News Feed much faster than previous Facebook desktop applications.


For Messenger, Facebook is rolling out a Messenger App which comes with the usual features -like stickers, group conversations and GIFs . Messenger for Windows has native desktop notifications will let you see when you have messages waiting for you with a Live Tile.


After being in beta for a few months now, Instagram is also rolling out for Windows 10 mobile. Instagram will still come with its features including Instagram Direct, Explore and video.


Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 will both be available later today in the Windows Desktop App Store, and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile will also be available later today in the Windows Phone Store.

Facebooks says it will  be replacing the older Facebook Windows 8 listing in the Windows Store with the new Facebook Windows 10 app, using a new logo.

It adds that people who have the Windows 8 app can choose to continue to use it, use Facebook in the browser or complete a free update to Windows 10.

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