Why the Infinix Note 2 should be your next smartphone.

When Infinix Mobility announced plans to release a new flagship product into the African market before the end of the year, most consumers were curious to know what this product will be. The product, Infinix Note 2 was finally launched in Kenya in December via e-commerce platform Jumia.

According to Infinix Mobility Managing Director and Co-Founder Benjamin Jiang, who spoke during the launch the Infinix Note 2 has been designed to meet the demands of Kenyan consumers keen on optimizing productivity using smart devices while at the same time enjoying quality.

In this article we are going to see what the demands of Kenyan consumers are and if indeed the Infinix Note to could be the right choice for them. What is the value position of the NOTE 2?

Since entering the Kenyan market, Infinix Mobility has always received a good reception with their products. So what makes the Note 2 stand out from all the other smartphones in the market? Lets take a look.


The Infinix Note 2 is one of those products you feel comfortable walking around with. Why? Its not heavy and you can work with it everywhere and anywhere. While the Infinix Note 2 does feel light it actually isn’t much especially when you first hold it in your hand for the first time. I feel Infinix did a good job in terms of weight distribution. I mean everyone wants a lighter phone to carry around.


The Infinix Note 2 is a smartphone that has been designed for everyone. Nearly everybody loves watching that awesome music video that everybody is talking about in town, or that funny WhatsApp video that is going viral, the Infinix Note 2, 6 inch display with a fitting hand design is just be the best phone to do this. It makes the phone stand out from the other phones in the market. The superior screen-to-body ratio offers you the user a more satisfying viewing experience.

At the back, the Note 2 back cover features brushed texture to give it a stylish look, you also have an option personalizing it with multiple available color option.


Nearly everyone loves capturing those unforgettable moments on camera, especially during this festive season. The Infinix Note 2 13MP back camera should be a good choice for this, a good camera for an affordable Smartphone, that’s what the Infinix Note 2 brings you. Of course Infinix has always stood out with their phone cameras, especially with the NOTE series.

Infinix NOTE 2 back camera also adopts PDAF phase-focusing technology. It takes only 0.25s for NOTE2 to focus automatically without touching the screen, a technology which most Smartphone manufacturing companies have not yet adopted.

In addition to that, the Note 2 camera module utilizes Stack and Samsung ISOcell technology to enable greater resolution. Significantly enhanced light intake and sensitivity yields clear photographs even under low-light conditions. This gives it an edge against its competitors.

For selfie lovers, NOTE 2 features the FHD BSI hi-def front camera. It has 1.6μm large-pixel area and 70% increased light intake.  A 16:9 photosensitive chip matches screen ratio for flawless clear selfies. This is interesting.

User Interface

The Infinix Note 2 features a Unique ROM that has been closely synced with Android OS updates.  Infinix Mobility also has incorporated its own user interface know us XUI with the NOTE 2. With XUI, background management is optimized via intelligent RAM management, regular system acceleration and one key fast clean memory. This makes the Note 2 fast; generally, the overall performance is improved by 21% and standby time by 20%. Everyone loves a phone that performs faster and this is what the Infinix Note 2 offers you.

With the Cortex-A53 64 bit architecture, the NOTE2 CPU is 37% faster than HOT NOTE on processing data. Whether you are multitasking or watching your favorite videos, the Note 2 delivers a really smooth experience.

The internal 16GB memory and the expanded storage of up to 32GB makes download even more fun. This means you can be able to download those huge files that some smartphones in the market current limit you to due to space.

Battery Life

One thing that most people also look out for when purchasing phones is the battery life. Most consumers are looking for phones that can keep charge for long, especially for those consumers who are always travelling.

The Infinix Note 2 comes with a large battery capacity of 400mAh. This means issues of your battery should now be a thing of the past. The NOTE 2 can also become a power source for other devices thanks the OTG data line equipped to the phone, conveniently, it can also serve as a hard drive data reader making it ideal for reading, studying or even carrying out business tasks.

The Note 2 also features an Ultra power saving mode that has only 6 basic apps for minimal power usage, with this feature a 10% capacity will offer you up to 3 hrs talk time, this is really a remedy for low battery.  NOTE 2 also provides customized reminders based on battery capacity. For instance, when battery drops below 10%, the system will auto prompt user for permission to enter ultra power saving mode. This makes the smartphone really stand out.

Market Prize and Availability

It will cost you Kshs.12,499 to own a NOTE 2, a phone with such features at that prize is quite a good deal. The phone is also available on e-commerce platform Jumia, making it very convenient to get one.


Today, 99 out of 100 products in the market are functionally almost identical. In the value economy of the future no one will take an interest in all these products and companies.

According to Kunde & Co, the winners of the future are companies that have the luck and aptitude to win ownership over a customer group through a value position that is unambiguously tied in with the company brand. This is what Infinix Mobility decided to do with the Infinix Note 2.

The phone comes with some cool features which most smartphones manufacturing companies have not yet adopted. We hope their next product will be much more better than the NOTE 2.

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