Infinix Note 2 Unboxing and Photos

It is probably one of the coolest gadgets one would wish to have right now in town; I am talking about the Infinix Note 2. If you are an active social media user you must have seen the hype that was generated online during its launch last week.

According to Infinix Mobility Managing Director and Co-Founder Benjamin Jiang, the Note 2 has been designed to meet the demands of Kenyan consumers keen on optimizing productivity using smart devices while at the same time enjoying quality.

The 6-inch HD display is an improvement of the best-selling Infinix Hot Note (X551) smartphone, which according to Infinix Mobility has sold over half a million units in Kenya since its launch in February this year. The Note is slightly also thicker than all the Infinix phones we have interacted with and also has a new design line.

With this device, Infinix Mobility which is the number one Smartphone brand in Africa is opening its 3rd series, the Note series and we how we will be seeing more from the company which continues to build its brand in the Kenyan market.

TechTrendsKE got a unit of the Infinix Note 2 courtesy of Infinix Mobilty and in this article we will be showing you what you will be getting upon purchasing the device which is now available on e-commerce site Jumia.

The Packaging


If you are familiar with the other members of the Infinix community then you should not expect the Note 2 to come in a catchy box.  The Smartphone comes packed in a simple box without much designs as one would expect.

What is in the box?

By now if you are considering purchasing the Infinix Note 2, you must be curious what is in that simple box. Well, of course the phone and you might be also wondering what new cool features the phone comes with, that I will leave for my review come next week. Let’s unbox it.

So the box has the usual accessories which are a wall mount charger, a USB cable and some safety and warranty information which is very important. One this that is missing though is the earphones and I wonder why Infinix Mobility decided to exclude this. I know many users are going to complain about this but maybe the company had a reason for this which we will try finding out.


The phone is also nicely places in the box and what strikes your eye is the huge display which should give users more space to experience various applications including streaming high quality videos for music of movie lovers like me.

Holding the phone gives one that perfect hand feeling due to the radian arc design and elegant texture the phone comes with.

Just to let you know the device has a 13 Mega Pixel camera which is an upgrade from the 8 MP camera on the Hote Note. It also comes with an internal memory of 16GB and this should be able to give users more storage space.  Let me save the rest of the details for the review come next week.

Just as Mr Jiang noted, Kenya remains a key market for Infinix Mobility, owing to the country’s versatility and experience in mobile telephony and let us see how the reception of the Note 2 will be like.

Check more photos below:

new IMG-20151213-WA0009

Full review coming up next week.


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