Where online food delivery beats phone conversations.


Food delivery is a simple solution that is solving a problem that has span over decades across the world.

For many years if you wanted a pizza delivered, first you would call the nearest fast food chain and have a lengthy conversation with the person on the other end of the line – explaining what toppings you want, what size the pizza should be, if you want to include any drinks and so on. If you aren’t a regular customer then you have to give details of where you live and you simply cannot be vague – there is no such thing as too much detail; whether it is describing the orange gate that is next to yours or the shoe shine structure that is directly opposite your office, it is important for the person at the end of your call to record all information accurately so that the chances of a lost rider are reduced to zero.

Many customers still believe in phone calls and understandably so – there is something about hearing someone at the other end of a call that gives us the comfort of knowing that your food order is received. But what many customers are yet to understand is that technology has been designed to ensure that all the details of what they want and where they want it delivered has a higher percentage of accurate delivery when ordering online as opposed to calling a restaurant for food delivery. Nina Holmes, the head of Operations at Hellofood has this experience with customers first hand; “when you order online you have so much choice, you can take your time deciding what you want and be assured that your order is received clear and precisely – there is no room for error”.

While the city’s current mapping of different estates, roads and streets may still need to be worked on, the food delivery business has taken steps to ensure that all details are shared with all the parties. The latest technology known as vwork is an automated system which has a clean interface that allows the management of food delivery; among its features is a display of visual mapping of areas for the riders according to the details that have been shared with us by the customers so they know exactly where they are going to deliver the meal.

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