Google will now count calories from your food pictures

google-hqResearch scientist from one of Google’s experimental labs has spilled some beans about an intriguing artificial intelligence project. This new AI calculates the calories in a particular picture just by capturing and analyzing the picture of food.

Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook has made a phenomenon called ‘Food Porn’ popular. People are excited to share their foods, plates, ingredients and whatever they are having on social media sites.

From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to salads and fruits, this new artificial-intelligence project may actually make Instagram and its food porn collection useful.

The foodilicious AI project was unveiled in Boston last week at Rework Deep Learning Summit. The AI called Im2Calories counts the calories present in a photo by analysing and examining the photo, as reported by Popular Science.

The new AI uses the analytic of each pixel in an image combined with sophisticated algorithms which learns on its own and self improves. The AI will keep on improving as more people use it with variety of foods.

The intriguing technology can also be used to simplify food tracking and improve food diary apps and other nutrition details and software.  Another use of the same AI can be examining traffic patterns and maybe help find a parking spot.

No actual product are planned currently, Google spokesman Jason Freidenfelds cleared it out. Though, it will be interesting to see practical uses of the AI in real world situation soon.

Originally posted on India Today

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