Acer Unveils Octa-Core LTE Liquid X1 Smartphone

Acer has unveiled its latest smartphones the Acer Liquid X1

The 5.7-inch smartphone that brings together Octa-core processing power, LTE connectivity, impressive imaging capabilities and intuitive control features, all in an elegant, lightweight form factor.  The Liquid X1 is ideal for busy professionals who need a sleek looking, efficient device for productivity and enjoyment on-the-go.


Superbly fast and light for productivity and play

The Acer Liquid X1 packs a lot of power into its 160 g light form factor including an Octa-core processor, quad-core graphics processor and 2 GB RAM. This combination ensures faster performance, and smoother transitions and interface operation, greatly enhancing productivity, play and multitasking. To provide a seamless Wi-Fi and LTE experience the Liquid X1 supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and LTE Category 4 Standard, with up to 150 Mbps downloads, keeping users connected at fast speeds wherever they are.

Capture crisp and bright photos at the speed of life

With the Acer Liquid X1, capturing clear and crisp photos of spontaneous moments is easy and effortless. The Liquid X1 comes with both a 2 megapixel wide-angle front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and 0.3 second ultra-fast focus capability. With Free Focus, users do not need to worry about focusing and can let the Liquid X1 do all the work, so they will never miss a shot. Also, with Bright Magic users are no longer limited by dimly lit environments; with high-speed image processing brilliant low light photos are captured with high brightness allowing users to take photos wherever and whenever. With Motion Tracking users can also capture moving objects without fear of blurring and snap ‘Selfies’ easily with the wide-angle front camera.

Control made more intuitive and easy 

The Acer Liquid X1 comes with a number of distinct features that make it much easier to control and operate. Among them is Acer Zoom Fit, which adjusts the user interface to just 4-inches when operating the device with one hand is required. In addition it also comes built with the AcerRAPID™ design on the back which allows users to quickly launch the camera, pick up phone calls or their favorite apps with the touch of a finger.  With AcerFLOAT™ user interface, app windows can stay open, so users can multitask without having to back out of one app to work on another. The press of the multi-task key brings up the Float Apps where opened apps on a translucent screen float over the function being used.

The Acer Liquid X1 is equipped with a MicroSD™ card slot that allows for extended storage and can be seamlessly integrated with other Acer PCs for accessing data anytime, anywhere through Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC™)(1). BYOC enables users to build their own cloud on their devices, such as music, photos and other types of content on a reliable and secure platform with convenient access to their information and content anytime, anywhere.

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