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Samsung has revealed its 85 bendable TV in Las Vegas. The TV can be flat or curved with a touch of a button with the help of embedded electrical motors.

The U9000 Series provides viewers with the ultimate immersive viewing experience thanks to its astonishing UHD picture quality, curved form factor and unique design the bezel and support seem to disappear. The curved screen gives videos a presence not felt on flat screens, plus, a wider field of view creates a panoramic effect that makes the display seem even bigger than it is and draws viewers in like no TV has ever done before.

This premium series also changes the paradigm of TV design with the Frame TV. Not only is the Frame TV the world’s largest UHD TV, it features a breakthrough design unlike the stereotypical design of large screen TVs in the past – a TV with a supporting frame
that is slim and sleek yet strong and stable, achievable through Samsung’s compression frame technology. The S9 Series will come in 110” as well as the previously available 85” screen size.

The U8500 Series offers UHD resolution and detail, unmatched clarity and immersive, rich picture quality. Thanks to UHD Upscaling, featured on all Samsung UHD TVs, viewers are treated to the best possible picture, regardless of source material.

The proprietary technology converts Full HD, HD and lower resolution sources to near UHD clarity through a unique four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, detail analysis and finally, upscaling, so everything looks better on Samsung UHD TVs. UHD Dimming technology also helps to further optimize picture quality by processing each block of picture, delivering deeper blacks, and improving contrast. Not to mention, the extremely narrow bezel and thinness of this flat UHD TV combine to create a panel-only illusion.

(source from samsung website)

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