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Tecno is launching the WinPad 2 tablet, here’s what to expect


Tecno is launching the WinPad 2 tablet, here’s what to expect

It’s just a few weeks since Tecno Mobile unveiled the Tecno DroiPad 10 tablet into the Kenyan market. We loved the DroiPad, but Tecno is taking yet another step in the Pad market. The company is launching the Tecno WinPad 2 sometime this week and it is an upgrade from last years WinPad.

So what should we generally expect with the WinPad 2? First, as said earlier, it is a complete upgrade from the WinPad 10. It is a two-in-one device which means users will be able to use it both as a tablet and a computer. WinPad 2 comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system.

Expect the WinPad 2 to also come with a portable keyboard, enabling users to conveniently carry out their business operations while on the go. It also uses IPS technology, commonly used in mobile devices for its HD display. Remember, IPS technology helps to provide wide-view angles with vivid color and high brightness.

The WinPad 2 will also be pure metallic with a very sleek body, which feels good in the hand, lightweight and easy to be carried by single hand.  

It will be powered by 64-bit Intel Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. The WinPad 2 will also support 3G/4G LTE networks and is equipped with 3 comprehensive USB 3.0 ports, a Mini HDMI and a Micro SD.

We have the WinPad 2 with us thanks to our friends at Tecno Mobile and we will be giving you more details ahead of the launch including a full review.

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