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How to choose the best betting operator that suits your needs

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How to choose the best betting operator that suits your needs

A couple of weeks ago, I did an article on why online sports betting is becoming so popular in Kenya. In a previous article, I had also talked on how high internet penetration and mobile money services like M-Pesa have contributed to this growth.

In fact, a report by Price Water Coopers (PwC) on Gambling in Africa, notes that certain countries in Africa are experiencing a massive outbreak of online betting companies. Kenya is one of these countries the report has covered.  According to the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) about 30 companies have been licensed as operators of the betting business. Applications from many more are also at various stages of consideration before being approved, this means this number could be higher before the year comes to an end.

Those people who bet will agree that with an increase in the number of betting sites, it is now becoming very difficult to choose which platform or company to place your bets with. Some of these companies are also trying to come up with new ways to attract more people to use their platforms. But again, how sure will someone be that he is using the best platform and what benefits will he be enjoying when he uses this particular platform.

A good example would be a company like Betin Kenya. It is actually one of those few Kenyan betting firms that have been able to give customers betting bonus offers.

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many betting firms in the country, and everyone who goes online to bet is always looking for one that suits his or her needs. One thing one should always look for if whether the betting operator you want to use is offering any betting promo or bonus codes.  Most people who place bets on their favorite teams in Kenya always have great hopes of winning some cash. With a company like Betin Kenya, these two kinds of promotions not only allow you to win much more free money but also tell you how much a company values you as its customer.

Something else to look out for is the betting operator’s reputation you’re are about to sign up to. Recently we had a case where users complained about the bonuses they received from a certain betting company. So despite the excitement that a bonus promo gives you, consider the company’s reputation.

So as you place your bet, remember it’s worth choosing a good operator.


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Kanali is a freelance tech journalist based in Nairobi. For product reviews, pitches, guest posts or sponsored content, drop me an E-Mail at or call +254 727 503 198.

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