The NSO Group, a famous Israel security firm has reportedly developed tools which can be able to scrape data from cloud services. This could include all your data stored in different cloud service providers, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and even Microsoft’s cloud products.

The NSO group, according to the FinancialTimes has upgraded its famed spyware tool, Pegasus to be able to steal data stored in clouds including data from “from the servers of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.”.

When the software is installed on a target’s device, it can be able to copy authentication keys from different services, including Google Drive, Facebook Messenger, and iCloud. Consequently, to the new update, a separate server can then be able to mimic the device, including its location.

This, of course, is among other functionalities that Pegasus was primarily made for which is stealing data stored on a user’s device. The data could range from text messages, emails, location data, browsing history, phone calls, photos, and more.

As a quick primer, the tool has been around for years and proven its track record; Pegasus is not for casual use, rather it is a very expensive tool mostly used by large security firms and government intelligence agencies. The Israel security firm states they have a screening process for clients before they can sell their products.

In response to the report, the NSO Group has bashed the claims stating that their products “do not provide the type of collection capabilities and access to cloud applications, services, or infrastructure suggested by the FT.”


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