24Bit Podcast Episode 20: Working from Home – How it has been for us

The world is going through what is being called the world’s biggest work-from-home experiment over the current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

I this 20th episode of our 24bit Podcast, Emmanuel Chenze, Nick Kanali and Dickson Otieno discuss on Skype about working from home, internet speeds, video conferencing apps, what it means for the future of work and much more.

Listen to our conversation on below:

This episode is also available on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, PocketCasts and all your favourite podcasting apps.

Missed out on our last episode? You can read and listen to it here.

24Bit is an ongoing conversation on tech by Kenyan bloggers Emmanuel Chenze, Kaluka Wanjala, Dickson Otieno and Nixon Kanali.

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Nixon Kanali

Tech journalist based in Nairobi. I write about tech, business and African startups. Founder and Editor For TechTrendsKE. Send tips to nkanali@techtrendske.co.ke.

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