One UI 6.1 Update Brings Galaxy AI Features to Galaxy S22 Series, Fold4 and More Devices

Samsung has announced that it’s extending Galaxy AI features to a select number of Galaxy devices through a new One UI 6.1 update.

Engineered to advance the democratisation of mobile AI, Samsung says this update sets a new standard for users’ mobile AI experience.

Rolling out from the end of March, the update will be accessible across a wide range of devices, including the Galaxy S22 and S23 Series, Z Fold 4 and Z Fold 5, Z Flip 4 and Z Flip 5, and Tab S9 and S8 Series.

Aligning with the Galaxy S24 series launched earlier this year, this update introduces a hybrid approach that seamlessly combines on-device and cloud-based AI, elevating the capabilities of Galaxy devices to new heights.

“Our aim with Galaxy AI isn’t just to lead a new age of mobile AI; it’s about empowering users worldwide, including those in Kenya, by making AI more accessible,” said Antony Hutia, Head of Mobile Division Samsung Electronics East Africa.

“This marks just the inception of Galaxy AI. Our vision continues to extend, reaching over 100 million Galaxy users globally by 2024, as we persistently innovate to unlock the boundless potential of mobile AI.”

Galaxy users can now take advantage of the communication-enhancing Galaxy AI features available on AI-supported models. The features include the ability to adjust message tone and translate messages in 13 different languages using Chat Assist. Galaxy users can experience the power of real-time interactions through Live Translate, which provides voice and text translations for phone calls. With Interpreter, users can also engage in spontaneous conversations with locals while traveling as the split-screen feature generates text translations for live conversations.

The broader integration of Galaxy AI across the ecosystem enables a seamless user experience in day-to-day tasks. Circle to Search with Google improves search functions with intuitive search results generated through a swift circle-motioned gesture. Life-enhancing organization features such as Note Assist and Browsing Assist streamline tasks, allowing users to create, summarize, translate notes, and generate comprehensive summaries of news articles effortlessly. Transcript Assist simplifies the transcription of meeting recordings and provides summaries and translations, enhancing productivity.

With Galaxy AI, Samsung is doubling down on its role in unlocking individuals’ creative potential. The latest update delivers a suite of Galaxy AI tools that encourages creative freedom even after a photo is taken. Through Generative Edit, AI-supported devices can easily resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos to perfect a great shot. Users can also polish any photo faster and easier than ever with Edit Suggestion. No need for multiple re-shots as Instant Slow mo can generate additional frames for slow-motion videos to capture action-packed moments.

Creativity and personalization do not stop there. Customizing Galaxy devices is even easier than before through AI-generated wallpapers, enabling AI-supported devices to bring users’ creativity to life.

As Samsung continues to innovate and expand the reach of Galaxy AI, the company remains committed to leading the way in mobile AI technology. By providing users with powerful AI features that enhance communication, efficiency, and creativity.

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