A Closer Look at HMD’s People-Centric Devices – The Pulse Series

HMD finally released their new HMD-branded devices and we have all been eagerly anticipating what they had in store for us. Following the company’s announcement of its multi-brand strategy, there was a lot to be excited about.

We have previously discussed the company’s strategy in detail, which you can read about here. To recap, the strategy involves plans for expanding the company’s portfolio by introducing new HMD collaborations, HMD branded devices, and other exciting new partnerships. The company’s core values guide this expansion with a focus on collaborations that align with its mission.

At the heart of this transformative shift lies the company’s dedication to crafting phones that are not only affordable and visually appealing, but also durable and repairable. Additionally, the strategy includes some compelling elements, such as a focus on developing environmentally friendly devices. HMD aims to address common technological challenges like electronic waste and digital fatigue, ultimately enhancing users’ lives—a testament to its human-centric approach.

The company has also emphasized its commitment to human innovation, striving to make normally expensive digital tools globally accessible and affordable. As stated by HMD, “Whether that’s introducing new payment options to feature phones or adding microfinancing capabilities to smartphones, HMD already has a tradition of human innovation with purpose.”

The newly launched HMD-branded devices, including the HMD Pulse Pro, HMD Pulse+, and HMD Pulse, underscore this commitment. During the recent launch in Kenya, Joseph Umunakwe, General Manager for West, East, and Central Africa (WECA), expressed the company’s vision: “We want to champion people’s creativity – which is leaps and bounds beyond what we can achieve solo. The potential is endless.”

True to its promise, the new Pulse series offers affordability, with prices ranging from KES 16,000  to KES 28,000. Device affordability remains a cornerstone of HMD’s business, as emphasized by Joseph Umunakwe in a previous interview with TechTrends Media.

Looking ahead, HMD is set to continue redefining the mobile experience. With a steadfast commitment to user-centric design, sustainability, and collaboration, HMD is poised to make a meaningful impact in the realm of mobile technology—and we eagerly await their future innovations.

The HMD Pulse collection embodies a modern, elegant design with clean lines and calm tones that are complemented by easy repairability – all at an affordable price.

The Pulse series is now available at affordable prices, and can be accessed on the HMD platforms for specs and individual price details; the HMD Pulse+, the HMD Pulse, and the HMD Pulse Pro are definitely coming to a shop near you.

Last but not least, HMD released the first version of a toolkit for developers and businesses earlier this year. The toolkit includes design files and information on software integration and is now available on their website. HMD is committed to open innovation, enabling people and businesses to customize their phones to suit their individual needs.

Looking ahead, it is clear that HMD is constantly working on new ways to enhance the mobile experience and people are eagerly anticipating the innovations they will unveil throughout the year. With a strong dedication to user-centric design, sustainability, and collaboration, HMD is ready to make a significant impact in the mobile technology industry, and we are excited to see what they have in store.

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