Bolt expands operations into DRC

Bolt has announced the launch of its services in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

With limited availability of private transport options, residents often face challenges in accessing convenient and affordable means of travel. Bolt’s entry into the DRC market comes as a timely solution to address these transportation gaps, offering residents a dependable alternative for their mobility needs. 

The company hopes to onboard more than 200 drivers underscoring its commitment to enhancing mobility options in the region. 

Bolt, a mobile application connecting drivers and customers, empowers users to conveniently request rides from any location to their desired destination. Drivers registered with Bolt can earn income by accepting ride requests through the application, provided they possess the necessary vehicle and licensing as per local regulations. By introducing new shared mobility solutions, Bolt says it contributes to reducing congestion in cities, facilitating quicker and simpler travel for individuals.

Notably, Bolt distinguishes itself by offering drivers the lowest commissions and customers the most competitive ride prices.

In a pledge to support drivers during the initial phase, Bolt in Kinshasa commits to charging no commission for a minimum of six months.

Laurent Koerge, Head of Expansion at Bolt, emphasised the company’s commitment to providing drivers with higher earnings per ride and ensuring competitive pricing to stimulate demand. Koerge highlighted Bolt’s steadfast dedication to prioritizing driver satisfaction, believing that contented drivers translate into satisfied customers.

‘’As Bolt sets its wheels in motion in Kinshasa, it looks forward to revolutionizing the transportation landscape in the DRC, offering enhanced mobility solutions while fostering prosperity for drivers and customers alike.’’ the company said in a statement.

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