[SXSW 2024] Amy Webb: Due to AI, humanity is on the eve of the largest tech supercycle ever

By Maurice Wenneker at SXSW in Austin, Texas

SXSW doesn’t really start until you attend the launch of Amy Webb‘s Emerging Tech Trend Report. The first event on day two.

The big takeaways? Due to the rise of AI, humanity is on the eve of the largest tech supercycle we have ever experienced. A supercycle that will impact our lives in an irreversible way.

How? You can read all that in her report, but keep this in mind. Large Language Models are nothing compared to the Large Action Models that are to come. We no longer enter text as a prompt, but we directly control the AI ​​with our thoughts.

Text data is no longer enough to train these models. So we will see a tsunami of wearables that collect all kinds of biometric data to feed the hungry models. Apple Vision Pro anyone?

And forget AI completely and look forward to OI: Organoid Intelligence in which cultured brain cells will take over the functions of microchips. Science fiction? Nope, it’s already happening…

Take a deep breath and move on to the next session. How dogs will help us live longer, fortunately a slightly more positive story.

Maurice Wenneker is CEO of PAKTPAKT is an European ecosystem of nine production companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. With an in-house team of 145 professionals we are dedicated to delivering high quality film and photographic content for global brands and international ad agencies at scale

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