Aga Khan Hospital to Digitize Patient Records in Kenya with a Ksh.1.5B Medical Research Database

Aga Khan Hospital has announced plans to set up a Ksh.1.5 billion medical research database as it seeks to digitize patient records across its hospital and outreach clinics in Kenya. 

The database will be implemented in partnership with American medical IT firm Meditech. It will facilitate easier access to patient records and support localised research that will inform the delivery of relevant care. It is also part of Aga Khan University’s global digitisation project that will see its seven hospitals and over 340 outreach medical centres fully paperless.

The new system will provide doctors with evidence-based clinical decision support embedded within their workflows. The hospital will be leveraging data analytics within the database to trend patient results across all of its locations. Using tools built into it, they can determine which treatments are most effective for patients in their region.

“Embracing technology in this manner reaffirms our commitment to excellence in the delivery of care. This transformative initiative will streamline patient care and open new doors for cutting-edge research and comprehensive medical training,” said Rashid Khalani, CEO of Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi.

The project, dubbed ‘AKU OneHealth,’ sets the stage for a standard-based rollout across other AKU hospitals globally.

“With the seamless integration of technology into our healthcare system, we are unleashing the power of data-driven research and empowering our scientific community to accelerate medical advancements and address the most pressing healthcare challenges in the regions we operate in,” said Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Aga Khan University.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems adoption is still in its early stages in Kenya, but it is projected to accelerate as more healthcare facilities adopt digital health technology. The public and private sectors are collaborating to encourage the use of EHR systems and improve access to health information for patients and healthcare professionals. 

Usage has increased in Kenya, making it possible to track patient health data more effectively and reduce the likelihood of medical mistakes. The Kenyan government has also been actively promoting the adoption of EHR systems in the country, providing financial support to healthcare organizations to implement these systems. 

Charlotte Jackson, CEO of MEDITECH International, said “We are so proud to partner with Aga Khan University and Hospitals by providing a shared electronic health record to connect their communities.’’

“We look forward to supporting the full breadth of their care equality goals and facilitating better care for all patients across Africa and Asia.”

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