A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Buy Safaricom Shares in Kenya

Safaricom PLC is a publicly traded company whose headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya and which provides mobile network services.

Safaricom Plc is routinely listed among the most profitable firms in the East and Central Africa area, and for good reason: it is the largest provider of telecommunications services in Kenya. Here, we will show you the best and easiest way to buy your Safaricom shares in Kenya today. 

About Safaricom

In addition to mobile voice, messaging, data, banking and convergent services, and digital services that enable commercial and personal platforms, as well as ecosystem collaborations, Safaricom PLC is a purpose-led technology firm.

Only roughly 400 enterprises in all of Africa have annual revenues of over USD1 billion, and Safaricom is one of them. In addition to expanding into new industries, several of these businesses operate across the whole continent of Africa.

“A strategic partnership between Safaricom and a company like MPesa and the growing online casino industry in Kenya is a significant development in the digital financial transaction space. This collaboration has resulted in a more accessible and secure platform for online gamblers, making online casinos with MPesa the preferred choice for many.”

Through its mission to improve people’s lives, Safaricom funds innovative approaches to business and work to provide Kenyans the resources they need to join in on their success. Safaricom has nearly 30 million active users of our M-PESA service, and 42 million total clients on their network. Kenyans are all connected with approximately 6,100 towers throughout the country.

How to buy Safaricom Shares: step-by-step

Read the steps below to learn how to buy Safaricom shares.

1. Choose a regulated broker in Kenya

Before you can buy and sell SCOM shares on the NSE, you must first open a brokerage account. To take this next step, however, Kenyans must first open a CDS account.

You can accomplish this through the Central Bank of Kenya on your own, or you can go through an investment bank, commercial bank, investment advisor, or NSE-listed stockbroker who offers this service.

When opening a CDS account through the CBK, Kenyan investors have the option of opening the account only in their names or opening accounts with their spouses.

2. Research Safaricom shares

You should do a fundamental study of Safaricom Plc before investing money in the company. There are several financial measures that can be used in an analysis of Safaricom Plc.

3. Choose your investment approach

Buying SCOM stock is like any other investment in that it requires careful consideration of your time horizon and trading approach. Shares can be bought and held for the possibility of future appreciation or dividends, or they can be traded like any other financial instrument.

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4. Buy your SCOM shares

After opening a brokerage account and funding it with the necessary funds, you may begin purchasing shares in the Kenyan shares market once you have a firm grasp on what it entails.

5. Keep tabs on the performance of your SCOM shares

Even if you plan to hold onto your investments for the foreseeable future, you shouldn’t ignore them entirely. Safaricom Plc and the SCOM share price as a whole are important to keep an eye on.

Additionally, to safeguard yourself from investment-related dangers, it is important to have a diversified portfolio that includes shares from firms other than Safaricom Plc.

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