International Telecommunications Week Africa to be hosted in Nairobi this week

International Telecommunications Week Africa (ITW Africa), the region’s dedicated meeting for the digital infrastructure community is coming to Nairobi.

The event will be hosted in the country from 12th to 14th September 2023 at the Radisson Blu, Upper Hill. It will bring together industry leaders, decision-makers, and experts to explore the vast potential of Africa‘s digital infrastructure and connectivity landscape.

“ITW Africa is excited to bring together industry leaders, experts, and businesses from across the globe to unlock the immense potential of Africa‘s connectivity and digital infrastructure market,” says Chris Davison, Senior Producer at ITW Africa.

“We believe that by fostering collaborations and facilitating knowledge exchange, ITW Africa will drive the digital transformation of the African continent and propel businesses to new heights,” Chris adds.

In an age where connectivity and communication are crucial, ITW Africa says it recognises the criticality of expanding its reach and impact across the telecoms sector in Africa.

To sustainably grow the ITW Africa 2023 event and gain increased recognition, exposure, and influence, the conference has also partnered with APO Group for consultancy and press release distribution services.

The partnership promises a series of exciting initiatives, including enhanced media coverage, extended networking opportunities, and a broader global reach for ITW Africa.

We will be at the event so be sure to check out real-time updates from our social media pages for any exciting announcements.

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