Kenyan fintech Boya launches Virtual Visa cards for SMEs

Boya, the Kenyan fintech firm on Tuesday launched its virtual Visa expense card targeting local businesses. 

The card was launched in partnership with VISA and Diamond Trust Bank and seeks to help businesses manage payments and expenses. with one virtual card solution.

The Boya platform is designed to streamline and revolutionize expense tracking and reporting for businesses of all sizes. With the new product, Boya has integrated DTB’s Cards as a Service offering into the platform. This integration will enable Boya’s customers to access virtual corporate cards, supported by the Visa card scheme. Through these virtual corporate cards, businesses can efficiently track, manage, and reconcile company expenses, streamlining financial processes and promoting financial transparency.  

“Our aim is to empower businesses with a comprehensive tool that simplifies expense tracking, enhances financial control, and drives operational efficiency. By automating time-consuming tasks and providing valuable insights, our solution enables organizations to focus on core activities and achieve their strategic goals.”, Boya Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alphas Sinja said during the launch.

Key features of the cloud-based Boya expense management solution include expense tracking, approvals, reporting, integration and automation as well as mobile accessibility.  

DTB’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Nasim Devji noted that their partnership with Boya will give the customers access to personalized, secure, and user-friendly financial solutions. ‘’Our goal is to accelerate the development of innovative fintech products and services by serving as the link between banking and technology. ‘’

The Boya platform is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that simplifies and automates the entire expense management process. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, businesses can now effortlessly manage expenses, improve financial visibility, and drive significant cost savings.

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