Tunisia’s gaming platform CoaChess raises $191k to revolutionalize chess gaming using AI

The gaming industry in Africa has been experiencing commendable growth, as more developers build innovative products that are gaining popularity. The funds flowing into the continent and directed to the gaming industry are the greatest pointer that there is a bright future in it.

Tunisian gaming platform CoaChess has become the latest recipient of sizeable funding, after receiving $191,000 in a pre-Seed funding round from Omicrone.

CoaChess, a startup founded in 2021 hopes to revolutionize the chess world by utilizing AI-powered tools to make the game accessible to players of all skill levels.

The company offers a wide range of services, including beginner-friendly lessons and advanced learning techniques aimed at further developing players’ skills regardless of their level. In addition, the company provides players with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in highly competitive environments and analyze their games to identify their strengths and weaknesses. CoaChess also offers the chance to participate in free and paid tournaments against players with different levels and skill sets.

The startup’s most innovative offering is its intelligent bot, which can mimic top chess champions and other influential figures in the history of the game. This tool assists players in learning more about the game and improving their skills. CoaChess also offers services that can improve chess clubs’ learning environments, including personalized guidance throughout their learning journey and the ability to organize internal and inter-club tournaments.

With the recent funding round, the company can take its innovative tools to the market and improve the game for good.

CoaChess’s founder, Iheb Kaabi, expressed gratitude for the support and guidance of the company’s supporters, saying, “We are committed to continuing our journey and working to make chess more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.”

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