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New social-media platform African Stream seeks to change how African Stories are told

African Stream, a newly created social-media platform with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya brands itself as a tool that seeks to challenge negative stereotypes and give a voice to Africans through cutting-edge, African-centered content.

This is the first platform of its kind with teams across the continent producing content that seeks to label the continent with more accuracy. The platform aims to tackle tough issues head-on, exploring the challenges and problems in Africa, as well as possible long-term solutions.

Part of the conversations that African Stream hopes to handle include the exploitation of African wealth, how grants and other forms of assistance are used as a weapon among other tough discussions. The platform, for instance, hopes to give answers as to why Western chocolate makers reap massive profits from African cocoa while Africans who do the hard labour live in squalor.

“I want to build a platform that represents all of that with emphasis on Africa on the rise,” Ahmed Kaballo, founder and CEO of African Stream, said. “I’ve been in the media my entire career and I am excited to create an African news platform to define our story in our voice.

The platform will produce high-impact stories cutting culture, politics, commerce, sports, music, entertainment, innovation, technology and infrastructure.

“Those that are coming to African Stream for entertainment are inevitably also learning, and those that come to find out the latest news also find themselves entertained. That’s what we mean when we say a one-stop shop for all things African.’ We reach people that we might not have reached, through the diversity and range of our content,” Mr. Kaballo expounded.

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  1. While the progress you have made is commendable, we must acknowledge that our efforts can only take us so far without establishing connections and partnerships with African Americans, the African diaspora, and Afro-Latino communities. These groups have unique perspectives and experiences that can enrich our understanding and inform our actions as we work towards our goals. By fostering meaningful relationships and collaborations with these communities, we can extend the reach and impact of our efforts and create a more inclusive and equitable society.

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