How to Determine Whether or Not to Trust an Online Casino

Online gambling is experiencing increasing popularity in all parts of the globe. Money is not the main focus that people have when starting this journey. On the contrary, they just want to have fun and enjoy different types of casino games in a safe environment. 

But what does “safe environment” actually define? It defines the gambling experience where you do not have to worry about data loss. The casino where you enter your personal info must not be compromised in any way. Apart from that, the winnings you want to withdraw and the deposits you plan to invest need to be properly secured. 

People that are not familiar with laws and technology often do not know how to recognize a trustworthy casino. Fortunately for them, they do not need any specific training or knowledge improvement for that. They just need to check out a couple of features before registration to confirm they are 100% safe. So, let’s go! 

Most Important Feature: License

The first feature you must check out is the license. The licenses are issued by government regulatory bodies as well as international regulatory organizations (for offshore casinos). If the casino has been verified by some of them, you can be sure your data is completely safe. 

Do not underestimate the importance of a license at all. The online casino licensing criteria is strict, and gambling sites that want to expand their business in Kenya won’t get it that easy. Every detail such as the security technology, criminal record of the owners and employees, and others are checked. 

That is the reason why casino sites are proud of it. They often highlight it in the footer of their home page and mention it somewhere in the About Us section. Check out whether this fact is stated on some of these pages and ensure you are 100% safe. 

Check the Reputation of a Casino

With the improvement of internet technology, all the information has become available to people. Checking out the reputation of a casino site isn’t difficult at all. First and foremost, you should check the reviews left by previous and current clients. Apart from that, you should check casino reviews that are present in every corner of the internet world. In the end, it would be good to check mainstream media to confirm that the casino site hasn’t been involved in any sort of scandal. 

Usability of Casino: Is It Mobile-Friendly?

Every professional and trustworthy casino will ensure that all people can enjoy their games. That is the reason why they will make it available for all devices. If the casino is safe, you should easily access all the games via any smartphone device, tablet, or laptop. The casino does not necessarily need to have an app, but it is recommendable that you focus more on casinos that do have it. 

Anyway, why are apps important for security? Have in mind that you also need to enter some important features there such as username and password, information about your payment method, etc. The app itself must be fully licensed and checked by some of the regulatory bodies as well. The logo of the authorized organizations for this type of check should also be stated somewhere on the app. 

Gaming Catalog and RTP

The long gaming catalog should not impress you a lot. Instead of that, you should focus on the quality of the games and software they are using. The safest and most trustworthy casinos will always collaborate with reputable software development companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, and others. If you see these and similar names on the gambling site you plan to visit more often, be sure it is safe. 

The games you find there should also come with high RTP. RTP stands for Return to Player ratio, and it shows the percentage of the total prize pool that players can potentially get from themselves. It varies from one game to another, but it would be good to see as many games as possible with RTP higher than 90%. 

Responsible Gambling

The official Kenyan responsible gambling organization said a pretty cool yet smart thing – winners know when to stop. There is no reason to neglect or not talk about gambling addiction. It is a global problem and certain groups of people really do not know how to say, “enough is enough”. 

The casino you select must participate in this community. They should give the necessary assistance to all the people that deal with gambling addiction. For example, they should collaborate with organizations that fight against this issue. Apart from that, they should let the gamblers determine their daily or weekly spending limits or even let them self-disclude themselves from the gambling site where they registered. 

It is good to mention that some casinos collaborate with each other to solve this problem. For instance, if you self-disclude yourself from one website, you can automatically be banned from others in case such an agreement does exist. 


All these features confirm that the casino where you plan to register is trustworthy. Everything starts with the license. Other features, mentioned in this article, are there to help people determine the level of safety they actually get. Are all secure casinos good? Well, there are some other features that will give you an answer to that. For example, do they offer good bonuses? Is their customer service professional, proactive, and polite? These are things you will find out after opening an account. Check them out and ensure yourself the most pleasant gambling experience! 

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