Uber expands to new cities, unveils new features for Sub-Saharan Africa

Ride-hailing app, Uber continues to affirm its place as Africa’s leading cab-hailing company through innovative and revolutionary features for the market.

The company announced on Tuesday that it expanding in several towns across Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria. At the same time, the company launched a host of new products and features including Audio Recording, in a broadcast that was live-streamed simultaneously across various locations on the continent.

In Kenya, Uber will now operate in Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru and Naivasha, widening its scope from its traditional markets, Nairobi, Thika, and Mombasa.

Kagiso Khaole, Uber’s General Manager for SSA said besides widening its markets, the tech-based company is committed to raising safety standards for its drivers and customers.

“As we gear ourselves to mark our 10th year anniversary next year, we are excited about moving into more cities enabling people to go anywhere and can get anything. Our commitment to raising the bar on safety remains relentless and we continue to work hard to grow the over 3 million earnings opportunities we have created thus far.” Khaole said.

The company also introduced Uber ChapChap Share in Kenya, to reduce the cost for riders and hopefully increase demand for riders and effectively better their income.

Uber’s shared riders will see customers save up to 30% of the trip fare when matched with a co-rider heading in the same direction. Where a match is not possible, Uber says the rider will still be able to save 5% from the ride.

“We are committed to East Africa, a key contributor to the growth of our business in Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re passionate about helping people travel and discover their city with ease and helping drivers increase earning opportunities.

The introduction of UberXL for customers in Nairobi allows customers to order taxis that can accommodate six people. This makes it easier for colleagues, comrades and family members to share a more comfortable Uber ride. In South Africa, riders can now reserve group travel 30 days in advance, after the unveiling of UberXL Reserve and Uber Van Reserve, which are expected to be rolled to other markets in the coming weeks,

The company’s food delivery service Uber Eats has also received new innovative features which include item replacement options, safety age verification and price item by weight which makes it easy to order items like fresh produce, meats, and prepared foods priced by weight for better order accuracy.

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