List of LG products that can be controlled and monitored via a mobile App

As of May 2022, the total app downloads globally reached 36.9 billion in Q1 2022, a 1.4% increase compared to Q1 2021, a report by Sensor Tower shows. This is proof that billions of people globally have embraced Digital transformation and smart connections. According to the 2022 GSMA Mobile economy report, 75% of the 8.3 billion sim connections globally are on smartphones.

In Kenya, there were 26.5 million smartphones connected to different networks according to the communications authority sector statistics Q3 report released in March this year. This is 54.6% of all device penetration in the country, meaning over half of the country’s population has embraced living a smart life not only to stay connected but also to make life easy.

With this evolution, we have witnessed brands digitizing their products and services to ensure consumers live more practical and convenient. Among these brands is LG Electronics which is on a continuous journey to roll out smart home appliances aimed at complimenting consumers’ hectic schedule and challenging daily chores. To do this, they rolled out LG ThinQ mobile application that allows consumers to monitor and control their appliances from anywhere in the world. The app has been embedded with an Artificial Intelligence feature that helps users easily manage all their LG appliances with the press of a button or by use of voice commands.

Here are LG products that can be controlled using the LG ThinQ mobile app;

LG Washing Machines – If you want to know the status of your wash without walking to the wash machine. You can access it through the LG ThinQ app and control your washer anytime anywhere. Besides, users can select specialized drying cycles for delicate fabrics. LG washing machines such as the Front Load Washers, Top Load Washers, and Washer Dryer Combos can all be monitored and controlled using the LG ThinQ mobile app.

LG Televisions – Can’t find the remote? Use the LG ThinQ app to control your TV.  With the app, in a single Magic Tap, you can mirror, cast and sound share from your TV to your phone and vice versa. The latest ThinQ app with AI also provides users with effortless voice control, and compatibility with other ThinQ-powered devices. ThinQ AI offers support for Matter, a new industry standard for a more secure and seamlessly connected smart home, which will allow LG TVs to work as a controller for connected devices. Imagine finding out from your TV how the weather will be or the television adjusting to your room lighting; that is the power of the ThinQ application. If you have OLED TVs, QNED Mini LED TVs, NanoCell TVs, and 4K Ultra HD TVs, ThinQ should be your go-to app.

LG Refrigerators – For users who want to keep foods and fruits fresh for longer periods, LG has a lineup of smart Refrigerators designed to be connected to the user’s smartphone to control the refrigerator’s temperature, control Express Freeze, and receive any diagnostics of the user refrigerator and food expiration date notifications. This includes the LG Net 426(L) | Slim French Door Fridge, with InstaView Door-In-Door™ which with a compatible smartphone connected to the LG SmartThinQ™ app, users can remotely adjust temperature settings so the fridge is ready to accommodate a large shopping spree. With the app, users can turn on low energy mode to save energy while they’re away.

LG Air Conditioners – With the LG ThinQ App, you can turn on your air conditioner just before getting home. Besides, the app allows you to view current temperature settings, fan speed and airflow.

LG Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Control your robot vacuum remotely. With the LG ThinQ, users can monitor vacuum maintenance and usage, check on cleaning history and conduct product diagnostics.

LG Dishwasher – LG ThinQ checks the dishwasher’s progress so you don’t have to, users can also download new wash cycles to meet needs such as Pots & Pans, Casseroles, Glassware and Night Care, select different cleaning options, keep your dishwasher fresh by activating the Machine Clean Reminder and smart Diagnosis helps solve problems quickly and efficiently through your smartphone, with suggestions for easy solutions and next steps.

LG Oven – Simply scan the barcode on various ready-to-cook or frozen meals to automatically send cooking instructions straight to your oven. The settings are customized to your personal cooking preferences and you can save scanned meals to “My Recipes” in the LG ThinQ app. The app also lets you remotely check the status of the oven.

In brief, using the LG ThinQ App helps you control and monitor your devices, gives you access to LG proactive customer care, and lets you get an additional 1-year limited extended warranty, control the indoor unit(s) with simple voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also helps you manage all LG ThinQ-enabled devices from a single app, troubleshoot problems with Smart Diagnosis™ function, select Home, Away, Vacation, and Sleep modes for all of your LG ThinQ-enabled devices, receive maintenance alerts to wash each indoor unit filter based on an established schedule and assign/customize names of each indoor unit with an unlimited number of connected products per user login. More details here.

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