What is local SEO, and why should you try it today?

The digital world is flowing with opportunities to create wealth. From sports betting – say, via placing bets on your favorite football teams on Melbet after a Melbet app download – to digital marketing, there is so much you can do online today to earn income.

SEO (search engine optimization) remains one of the pillars of digital marketing. Businesses today are leveraging SEO to enhance the online visibility of their brands to prospective clients.

 But SEO is becoming more competitive by the day. This is bad news for small businesses competing for the same keywords with more prominent brands with millions of dollars to spare for their SEO campaigns.

 It is not a fair fight, is it?

Try to rank for the keyword “digital marketing”. It is exhausting! But how about ranking for “digital marketing in Mombassa, Kenya “?

It is way easier! But why, you may ask?

Ranking for such localized keywords is an easier route to the top pages of search engines because of lesser competition for such keywords.

Appearing on the search results of such queries for localized keywords is what local SEO is all about.

Today, brands are leveraging the enormous power of local SEO to appear on the search queries of potential customers in their immediate localities. 

That is where local SEO wins it: VISIBILITY, WHERE IT MATTERS MOST!

Would you mind some statistics to spice things up?

According to a revealing Google Mobile Movement Study, 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours!

Why start local SEO now?

If your business has a local market, then you do yourself a great disservice battling for broader (more competitive and international) keywords prominent brands are targeting with 7-figure SEO budgets. 

The bigger question now is: how can you best maximize local SEO? Well, this insightful local SEO guide has the answers you are looking for. 

Optimize Your Google My Business Account

It is crucial to let know Google know about your business so it authenticates it. This comes at no cost, establishing your presence on the search engine.

The beauty of this is that your business will show up on Google Maps and search results. This is not all.

Authenticating your business enables Google to show your business on the sidebar space of a search result. Boom! This is a game-changer. 

Optimizing Google My Business involves verifying your listing. Ensure the information you provide is up to date and accurate. You will have to include your business hours, your products, logo, and images.

You guessed right; Google LOVES images!

The photos you will add to your profile must be compelling and of high resolution, not some dull and pale pictures taken with your grandpa’s 1958 camera!

 It helps a lot if your customers leave feedback on your business on your profile. Furthermore, it is essential to follow up on your customers regarding these comments candidly. 

You can also up your game by leveraging Google Posts to create content in your account.

Provide content based on local events and news stories

You can pull substantial traction to your website or business by optimizing your content to local news and events. 

This adds that “indigenous” vibe to your article, speaking to your audience as the guy next door.  

Want some ideas on how to localize your content, integrating the cultural perspective and lifestyle of your community? We have got a bunch for you:

  • Create articles around local charities which are connected to your business
  • Create video content around buzzing local parties
  • Create round-ups that satisfy the peculiar needs of shoppers in your community.
  • Create travel and recreational guides about your neighborhood
  • Leverage local voice search

Source reasonable positive reviews 

Your local SEO grows when your local customers drop positive reviews. Go for the four and five stars.

Your customers’ positive recommendations enhance your credibility as a business as they show customer sentiments towards your brand.

Are you ready for a shocker?

According to a Harvard Business Review study, improving the average review rating of your brand on Yelp by one star could result in a 5%-9% increase in revenues. 

This is why you would want to invest in online reputation management.

There you are! This local SEO guide gives you the most important concepts you need to know about ranking on search engines for localized keywords. Try these out and expect a boom in your SEO traffic and local lead generation.

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