Incentro renews Google Cloud’s Infrastructure Specialization

Incentro announced it has renewed its Infrastructure Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage. The Google Partners Advantage program enables organizations like Incentro to gain access to training, support, and resources to set clients up to succeed.

This also allows Incentro to stand out from other partners as a reputable and trusted organization with the knowledge and experience to execute Google Cloud Platform solutions professionally. Part of this program includes the ability to specialize in fields of market interest ranging from education to machine learning. With an already robust client base and years of expertise within Incentro’s fold, the company has demonstrated once again as the regional experts for Google Cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure specialization is a recognition for proven expertise and success in building, deploying, and migrating solutions with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technologies. This specialization is the highest level of expertise a partner can achieve in demonstrating Google cloud practice, client success, and proven technical capabilities. In other words: it really shows Incentro’s expertise. To achieve this, Incentro showcased excellence in these characteristics through a rigorous third-party audit.

From a list of 38 various requirements, Incentro was able to show competencies in: Capabilities, Security and reliabilities, Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting. This is all possible thanks to some of Incentro’s key GCP clients like Textbook CenterDohYangu and LendXS.

The Google Cloud’s Infrastructure Specialization confirms Incentro’s commitment to its expertise and have been recognized as such by Google’s Partner Advantage Program. This specialization communicates to Incentro’s existing and potential customers that not only is the company committed to this platform and its ability to execute these services to the highest of standards, but also have the full weight of Google behind it. This translates to confidence for Incentro’s stakeholders as the right partners to work with to help modernize, manage, and support their IT infrastructure on Google Cloud. Incentro is also granted funding to run pilot and proof of concept projects from Google within its market.

Dennis De Weerd, Sales Director, Incentro: “Our future is dependent on the success of our clients. Ensuring they get the very best in performance is paramount. Investing in our personnel guarantees we have the best skill sets and practices in the market. Our core belief is that in educating and offering the best opportunities to our consultants translates into offering the best to our clients. We are extremely proud to achieve the Infrastructure Partner Specialization. It validates the hard work from the team and our commitment to providing customers with the best practices that meet their unique requirements when it comes to Google Cloud Platform and positions us perfectly to grow with Google in the (East) African region.”

What does the future hold with this development?

With the ever-evolving nature of technology, staying up to date is fundamental to Incentro’s mission to be the number one cloud solutions provider. In the past few months, Incentro consultants have achieved various Google certifications in a never-ending bid to be the best at what they do. By having the best in class cloud architects, engineers and practitioners, Incentro continues to maintain quality in its service delivery and by expanding and enriching its staff, the company maintains a high level of proficiency in delivering cloud solutions and thus in turn leads to greater recognitions such as these.

In the coming years, Incentro is confident that with this specialization, its existing and future clients will continue to be assured of best quality service delivery and support to guarantee their systems and applications are in the best hands.

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