Apple, Google, and Microsoft are Working on Passwordless Tech

You will soon be able to log in to your email accounts, websites, apps and other platforms with passwordless sign-in across mobile devices, desktops and your browsers of choice.

Leading tech conglomerates Apple, Google and Microsoft said on May 5, 2022, that they are committed to building support for technology that will make it easier to drop passwords and simply use your preferred method to sign-in on various platforms

Kurt Knight, senior director of platform product marketing at Apple said, “Just as we design our products to be intuitive and capable, we also design them to be private and secure.”  According to Knight, the new technology will be much safer.

“Working with the industry to establish new, more secure sign-in methods that offer better protection and eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords is central to our commitment to building products that offer maximum security and a transparent user experience — all with the goal of keeping users’ personal information safe.” He said.

With the new system, your mobile device will e the main authentication device for apps, websites and other digital devices. This means that you will be able to unlock these services using the same default action set on your mobile device, such as entering a PIN, drawing a pattern, or using fingerprint unlock.

The technology uses a cryptographic token called a passkey that is shared between the phone and the website. It’s a combination of simplicity and security. Once it comes into effect, you will no longer need to memorize so many passwords or be at risk of repeating the same password across multiple platforms.

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s Vice President For Security, Compliance, Identity, And Privacy elaborates on the ease of use that this tech will offer. “With passkeys on your mobile device, you’re able to sign-in to an app or service on nearly any device, regardless of the platform or browser the device is running.” She said, “For example, users can sign-in on a Google Chrome browser that’s running on Microsoft Windows—using a passkey on an Apple device.”

The companies said the new sign-in capabilities would be in use starting next year, with more details on the way forward is expected in the coming months.

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