How to market your brand on LinkedIn with zero dollars

Quite a number of things are easy to bet on. Placing a bet and winning great odds on liontips.com is easy. But then, when it comes to betting on the next marketing trend, it becomes quite tricky.  

The dynamism of the marketing space is in itself both exciting and terrifying. Who would have bet some 15 years ago that LinkedIn – a traditional career networking hub for professionals – would become one of the most profitable social media platforms to market on. 

Just like punters are cashing in big time on liontips.ke, you can earn lucrative results on your marketing efforts on LinkedIn. But with LinkedIn ads far too expensive, you may want to take a more budget-friendly route of organic content marketing.

Yes, this time building visibility on LinkedIn – via strategic content distribution – and leveraging this visibility later on to consolidate your spot in your industry.

Alright, let us dive right in on how you can enjoy the best returns from LinkedIn marketing.

It all starts with getting your audience right

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network globally, boasting more than 800 million members collected from over 200 countries! 

Of course, you don’t need to target everyone on LinkedIn – actually, you can’t unless you have the World Bank sponsoring your marketing.  

A more effective approach to marketing on LinkedIn is accurately narrowing down your audience. 

 Your audience here is a fraternity of like-minded individuals – or at least people interested in the services you offer (or your skillset).

This pack of individuals can be progressively processed into buying customers or evangelists for your brand. Don’t just connect to everyone on LinkedIn. 

Be selective of people you admit into your network. This way, it will be easier for your content to resonate with them. 

Your audience must find your content valuable 

 Come on, LinkedIn is not the platform for the latest dance moves and filters. Unlike the fun-laden likes of Tiktok and Snapchat, LinkedIn has more of a professional orientation to it. 

This means the type of content that goes viral on other platforms may not enjoy similar or even proportional success here. Most people on LinkedIn are there for educational nourishment or networking opportunities. 

If your content doesn’t tick these boxes, your audience is unlikely to engage with them.

Here is the beauty of producing and optimizing valuable content for LinkedIn compared to creating content on your blog. Your blog is more of a confined digital space in that people must visit your website before they see your posts. 

You may spend time producing valuable content on your blog and yet struggle to get high-value eyeballs on it. 

But LinkedIn is more of an open-air party. Just anyone can see your content. And if your content happens to be valuable, the LinkedIn algorithm is pretty smart enough to pick it and promote it for you for free.

Who doesn’t like it free?

Spare time to interact with your audience

We assume you are not Beyonce, so people wouldn’t take it lightly if you snub them on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn relationships are largely organically built. You take time to reply to people, comment on what your connections (or followers) are saying, ask for feedback, and engage in trending conversations. 

You can’t just throw beautiful content on your page on LinkedIn and jump off, expecting the post to take care of itself. No, it doesn’t work that way! 

Don’t be too salesy

Few things turn people off on LinkedIn as badly as someone being extremely salesy. Remember, we said LinkedIn is predominantly a hub for organic relationships.

You stand the risk of quickly exterminating a relationship – which in the long run would have been a valuable one – if you throw a product at someone in your first message when you connect. 

Come on, who does that??

Don’t get it wrong. We understand that you are fundamentally on LinkedIn to market your business, but an aggressive marketing approach wouldn’t work here. 

Spend quality time first to build a natural conversation with your prospects so that by the time you introduce your product, you have already worked your way into their heart.

Similarly, when you post on your page, don’t always sell. Post authoritative content more consistently to build a reputation and trust.

Once people are assured of your expertise in your space, they are more likely to take action when you sell them something.

You will need to be consistent

Here is where the hard work comes in. We all want our first post to go viral. But when it doesn’t, we quickly lose the motivation to push on and consistently produce content. 

No, buddy. Beautiful – and sustainable – things take time to grow. Your audience may not instantaneously get crazy over your content. They would need time to grow and like you.  

It is just like building a friendship in real life. All the affection is not built on the first date, is it?

LinkedIn’s algorithm will also reward you if it finds you consistent in publishing valuable content which people engage with. It will automatically start promoting you.

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