How to get more from watching sports

Sports were always on the edge of technology, but most high-end solutions aren’t accessible for regular fans. That doesn’t mean we should be at the curb of progress: some of the upgrades are before our eyes every day, but we never take hold of them. Most of the time, this happens because of ignorance, so let’s try to fill a bit of this knowledge void.

Use sports apps

Many sports fans are sure that listening to commentators is enough to have the full coverage of the event, be it a football, tennis, water polo match, or Olympic Games discipline. The reality is that some people in the profession aren’t as passionate as you’d like them to be. They won’t read all the latest news but instead are more interested in telling the stories from the long-gone past, which is also curious, though uninformative.

Those, who want to add to the experience, should consider using different sports apps. Depending on what the user is looking for, they might search for the news, tactics, betting providers, or so-called “super-apps.” Before choosing a bookmaker, it’s substantial to analyze the reviews, and some services like bookmaker-ratings.com provide precisely that. Using all those apps in harmony might bring a lot to the overall emotions throughout the event.

Make the changes to your TV settings…

TV has the leading role in the room while watching sports events. 

Underestimation might lead to frustration with the match as a whole. Many people spend astonishing amounts on hardware but never adjust the picture correctly. As a result, they don’t take everything from their purchase. For example, a so-called “Sports mode” isn’t that good for watching the events: the colors don’t look realistic most of the time, and the picture isn’t natural. We suggest you modify the settings yourself.

  • Brightness. Find a channel with a night picture, and freeze it. Turn the setting up until you can notice all the tiniest details in the darkest corners of the frame.
  • Contrast. Use the same method, but instead of the black color, we’ll need to adjust white color levels. Find something with a lot of skies and puffy clouds.
  • Colour. We suggest using the “warm” setting since it looks more natural this way.

… or choose a new one

If you decide to find a new TV, then be careful and choose the panel thoroughly: here are some of the options that the sports fan should search for in new hardware for his precious hobby:

  • 4k resolution. Broadcasters show or stream most of their main events in an exquisite quality, so your hardware must meet the standards. 
  • QLED/OLED panel. To watch the perfect picture, the display must support and be produced using the hi-end technologies almost as it’s right before you. It might cost a lot more than the budget options, but the difference is noticeable. Also, remember that TV is a long-term purchase, so consider spending more now to have more valuable hardware for a considerable time.
  • Built-in audio system. Every TV has speakers, but that’s not what we’re looking for. To hear the stadium-like sounds, you’ll need a 2.1 system with Dolby Atmos support.
  • Smart TV. Since it will be built-in by default, choose the option to support all the online services you need to watch your favourite sports events.

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