Infinix is working on a 160W fast charging technology for an upcoming phone

Fast charging is one of the tech that we have seen a number of high-end phones from different brands launch with. 

Xiaomi for example unveiled the Mi 10 Ultra with 120W fast charging in August last year. A week ago, the company also unveiled a new 200W charging tech called hypercharge that it says can charge a 4000mAh phone in just 8 minutes. 

Well, Infinix is the latest company to join this bandwagon. I mean the company has unveiled phones with fast charging technology before but it’s going a step further. 

On April fools day it was leaked that the company was working on some mysterious new 150W charging system for a future device. While first being dismissed as a joke, given the post was uploaded on April fools day, it turns out it wasn’t a joke at all and it was just a tease of a 160W charging technology in the works. Shown in the XDA leak just recently was a tease of a new mysterious Infinix phone supporting 160W Ultra Fast Charge. 

The idea of a next-generation phone from Infinix showcasing amazing new technological advancements like 160W sets the stage for much more to come from Infinix.

Seeing technology like this coming in an Infinix device is very exciting indeed because Infinix has always focused very carefully on emerging markets. Infinix has always understood exactly what their local customers want and need, and a new phone would be a great way to show their commitment to pushing forward the boundaries of their technological capabilities. 

So what is 160W fast charging all about?

160W charging is a very complicated technological process. For one, the current in-market technology for charging speeds in 6C cell battery’s is well below 160W, it’s actually around 125W (branded Flash Charge) by OPPO. The leading fast charging technology was just recently introduced by Xiaomi with a whopping 10C cell 200W charging system which we mentioned earlier. .

The 160W puts Infinix in a very strong position standing shoulder to shoulder with the market leaders in the industry. Given the speed at which Infinix has brought products to market in the past, it would be very interesting indeed if Xiaomi takes too long bringing their 200W chasing to market, giving Infinix a chance at getting to market first with their 160W charging system, which is still absolutely incredible for the markets in which they operate. 

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