Zoom Update Lands More Meeting Reaction Emojis, and a Vanishing Pen tool for Annotations

Zoom is also available on Facebook's Portal TV

Zoom in prepping to add a slew of new features, the company announced yesterday. The update includes a vanishing pen, more emojis to choose from in meetings, and support for one more platform.

In addition to the previously available six emojis, Zoom users now have a whole lot of ways to react in meetings. And they’re also available in more skin tones, to take care of everyone.

Admins of larger accounts will have to enable the full suite manually. But for other hosts, you can choose to restrict attendees to the previously available six.

Annotation is getting improved in the new update as well. The vanishing pen annotation tool allows users to “highlight text or objects on the shared screen without having to undo or erase highlight annotations.” This is an important update for Zoom regulars. Previously, annotation lacked convenience as you had to erase every annotation before moving on.

Vanishing pen annotations disappear automatically within a couple of seconds – no heavy-lifting needed.

On mobile, Zoom is enhancing annotations with an auto-shape tool. The tool will transform your annotations into the intended shape, of course, automatically.

The new features should step up the video conferencing experience on the platform, which emerged as a useful tool in a pandemic-stricken world.

Zoom usage exploded in 2020 on the backdrop of the pandemic. Movement was restricted in different parts of the world, with physical workplaces and education centers closed, shifting everyone to conduct more activities online, including working and learning.

The latest incremental update is just an addition to the continued efforts the company has been making to help users work and study remotely effectively.

Other features in the latest update on Zoom include the ability to add a user’s manager to appear on an employee’s Zoom profile. Zoom users can also trigger and receive mass notifications using InformaCast from Singlewire Software.

Furthermore, Zoom is also landing on Facebook’s Portal TV, expanding availability on even more platforms. Portal is a lineup of hardware devices made by Facebook.

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