CLOUDNews installs hybrid solar systems at its Nairobi and Mombasa data centers has announced the installation of Solar Energy systems at its Nairobi (NBO1) and Mombasa (MBA1) Data Centres.

The 400kW Solar Systems at NBO1 and MBA1 will support part of the power needs of each Data Centre which can deliver 825KW and 675kW of customer power (IT Load) respectively, thereby helping to manage our energy costs and minimize our carbon footprint. The installation forms part of the company’s sustainable Green Energy goals being implemented across all its campuses in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Kenya’s energy grid is more than 75% renewable, making it one of the most renewable grids in the World and says it continues its commitment to the sustainability of our industry with the implementation of these Solar Energy systems.

Data Centers are energy-intensive infrastructure projects, and these systems help tap into clean renewable energy, these installations are equivalent to planting back 100 trees per week and reduces the data centers 3,200 Kgs of CO2 emissions per week. 

“One of our greatest natural resources in Africa is the Sun and our investment in solar is a strategic part of our global vision to reduce the harmful effects of global warming and conserve the environment as we continue to scale our business,” says Ranjith Cherickel, CEO of, a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services in Africa. The company first unveiled the MBA1 in January 2018. The data center is capable of commitment of 99.999% uptime, with concurrent maintainability to boot. It can also provide up to 900kw of IT load for 226 racks. The single-storey structure is equipped with over 550m² of IT space with two separate dedicated Meet-Me rooms for the local network providers to bring diverse routes into the site. It has robust connectivity to the sub-sea cable system infrastructure, as well as a core node for all terrestrial networks reaching into the reach of East and Central Africa.

NBO1 on the other hand has over 624m2 of rack space with a 99.999% guaranteed power uptime just like the MBA1. The architectural design of the data centre sits on a 4,400m2 area ensuring redundant power complete with back-up generators which are DCC certified, N+2 high precision cooling and pre-cabled interconnects.

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